School district exposes kids to SERIOUS threat with latest policy shift

The immigration debate in our country continues to rage on, with more insanity from the left each and every day.

The Los Angeles Unified School Board voted on Tuesday to pass a resolution that declared all schools in the area to be “sanctuaries” for students in the country illegally — and their families — particularly those who might be in danger of being deported.

Such actions undermine federal law designed to help protect our country from the threats illegal immigration poses to both our national security and economy.

According to Breitbart:

The Los Angeles Unified School Board (LAUSD) passed a resolution Tuesday declaring all schools “sanctuaries” for any illegal alien students and their families — even criminal aliens — who might be facing deportation.
The Los Angeles Daily News reports:

The resolution, proposed by board members Monica Garcia and Ref Rodriguez, comes shortly after the arrest of Romulo Avelica-Gonzalez, an [illegal alien] who was detained by U.S. Customs and Immigration Enforcement agents as he took his daughter to school on Feb. 28 in Highland Park.

ICE [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] officials stated that Avelica-Gonzalez was targeted based on prior criminal convictions, including a DUI conviction from 2009 and an outstanding order of removal from 2014.

The arrest was caught on tape by his 13-year-old daughter Fatima Avelica, who recorded video on her smart phone. On the video, obtained by local Los Angeles affiliate KABC Channel 7, Fatima can be heard sobbing as she collects footage of her father’s arrest through the windshield of the family vehicle.

“I’m here to ask that the (LAUSD makes) schools sanctuaries so that nobody else can pass through what I passed through and not be scared to go to school,” Avelica reportedly said at a press conference earlier on Tuesday.

As a result of Avelica-Gonzalez’s arrest, Garcia and Rodriguez have pulled together a newly-formed coalition of organizations that includes the ACLU and California Charter Schools Association, which has been dubbed the “California Schools Are Sanctuaries Coalition.”

The resolution passed by the LAUSD goes far beyond making schools a safe haven for illegals.

It also forbids schools from asking a student, or their family members, about their immigration status, provides legal education for illegals so they know how to interact with law enforcement, enables employees to refuse sharing information — as much as the law will allow — with immigration agents, and provides referrals to legal organizations for help.

So, the LAUSD is basically doing everything they can to help illegals undermine our national security, and provide folks with the help they need to continue to flout our laws.

All while leaving our children vulnerable to threats. Anyone remember Rockville?

Moves like these are precisely what got Donald Trump elected president, and it doesn’t seem the left has learned their lesson quite yet.

It’s not immoral — by any stretch of the imagination — to put one’s own country and citizens first, nor is it anti-immigration.

Many of the folks who cross the border illegally have criminal records or are involved with cartels and gangs who spread drugs and violence wherever they go.

Stringent immigration laws and border security measures are necessary to ensure we don’t put our own people at risk, especially our most vulnerable citizens, our kids.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]


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