DONE! Trump makes BOLD security move with new Executive Order

One area of national security certainly needing to be beefed up is our cyber security, especially with the rash of hacks that have occurred lately, as more and more of our lives become digitized.

President Trump seems to recognize these risks and the serious threats they pose, by signing an executive order designed to protect our nation’s infrastructure.

The White House has stated that cyber security has become a top priority for Trump.

Reuters is reporting:

The order seeks to improve the network security of U.S. government agencies, from which hackers have pilfered millions of personal records and other forms of sensitive data in recent years.

It also aims to better protect critical infrastructure, such as the energy grid and financial sector, from sophisticated attacks that officials have long warned could pose a national security threat or cripple parts of the economy.

The order additionally lays out goals to develop a more cogent cyber deterrence strategy, in part by forging strong cooperation with U.S. allies in cyberspace.

White House Homeland Security Advisor Tom Bossert said the order sought to build on efforts undertaken by the Obama administration.

“A lot of progress was made in the last administration, but not nearly enough,” Bossert told reporters during a White House briefing.

Trump nearly signed a cyber security measure just days into his presidency in January, but it was pulled back to allow for more input from different federal agencies and consultation with experts.

The presidential campaign featured running storylines related to cyber security, including the hacking and subsequent leaking of Democratic emails as part of what U.S. intelligence agencies determined was a wide-ranging operation carried out by Russia to help Trump win the White House and denigrate his challenger, Democrat Hillary Clinton.

More and more intelligence workers from agencies around the world are starting to recognize the power of cyber attacks in gathering information for useful political purposes — think Russia’s alleged recent involvement in France’s election — making this sort of activity a critical threat to our security.

Trump is definitely on the right track by taking action to protect our infrastructure in order to keep other nations — and even radical Islamic terrorists — from having access to important information that could compromise the safety of our citizens.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]


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