Oh puh-leeze: Look what Keith Olbermann is blaming Trump for now

Having been fired from every job he’s previously held, Keith Olbermann is now milking outrage over the Trump administration. He “scored” a web-show that’s broadcasted by GQ, now titled “The Resistance.” Now anyone who wants to hear Olbermann’s insufferable rants needs nothing more than internet access. While he’s back in the public eye, someone with Olbermann’s ego must acknowledge that he lacks the prestige of having a show on a major network, like he formally did on MSNBC.

If recent claims of Olbermann are to be believed, he’s not doing a great job at resisting Trump even in his personal life, because, as The Blaze reported, Olbermann said he was talking to MSNBC to return to their airwaves, but they didn’t want him to do commentary, so he rejected the offer. Then he said that Trump stomped on his return to CNN.

“There was an offer, then there wasn’t an offer, then there was an offer. And Trump didn’t like me, and apparently exerted influence on that,” he said.

CNN denies that Trump had anything to do with the failure of the deal. A spokeswoman for the network told The New York Times that Olbermann wasn’t considered for CNN, but for HLN, a spinoff channel. They also said that the “brief preliminary conversations” happened a year ago, before Trump was elected.

The last time Trump referenced Olbermann, he had moved out of the real estate mogul’s building.

“Keith is a failed broadcaster,” Trump wrote in response, “and the people in the building couldn’t stand him. He is just trying to use ‘Trump’ to get publicity and stay relevant. The prices of Trump apartments are today the highest they’ve been. When people find out he is leaving Trump Palace, prices will probably go up.”

For Olbermann to be believed, you’d have accept that the network Trump has blasted as “fake news” repeatedly would care for Trump’s input in hiring a new host.

More likely for Olbermann, it’s his employment history that’s keeping him off television. The man has been fired from MSNBC, ESPN twice, and even Al Gore’s Current TV – and now CNN gives him a full flush…down the tubes.

[Note: This post was authored by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]

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