New study reveals the TRUE reason Hillary lost — and it has nothing to do with HER

When Donald Trump was tweeting not long after the election that he would’ve won the popular vote too had it not been for voter fraud, some couldn’t help but think there’s no point in being a sore winner.

But apparently he’s not the only one who’s kept the November election on his mind – and Hillary Clinton is much more of a sore loser than Trump a sore winner. Hillary seems to have a new excuse every day for her loss – in an interview where she claimed to take “absolute personal responsibility” for her loss, she also blamed Russian hackers, Wikileaks, sexism, and the FBI’s investigation into her use of a private email server.

In particular, she singled out James Comey re-opening the FBI investigation into her late October, which she apparently forgot was quickly closed days later. She then proceeded to quote FiveThirtyEight founder Nate Silver, who said that Hillary would’ve won had the election been held the day before Comey reopened the investigation. That’s absurd for two reasons, the first being that FiveThirtyEight’s election models still showed Hillary the likely victor by a long shot, and second, such a statement makes as much sense as saying that the Atlanta Falcons would be the Super Bowl champions had the game ended an hour sooner.

The real reason for her loss? Too much identity politics, according to a new study.

According to the Daily Wire, that study says that the real reason so many white blue collar workers went for Trump had nothing to do with their Hillbilly Elegy economic status. Instead, the data show that these voters were simply alienated by the cultural myopia of Democrats, who have focused on an intersectionality-laden definition of American politics, labeling straight white men the bad guy in their bizarre morality play.

According to PRRI/The Atlantic, a new model has been developed to measure the five most significant factors leading to support for Trump among white working-class voters. The first was obvious: identification with the Republican Party.

The second was fear of cultural displacement — the data showed that “white working-class voters who say they often feel like a stranger in their own land and believe the U.S. needs protecting against foreign influence were 3.5 times more likely to favor Trump than those who did not share these concerns.” This is where the Democratic Party has truly gone off the rails. By trotting out Hollywood celebrities who deride flyover America as a bunch of Bible-thumping simpletons, more and more Americans feel alienated inside their own country — and no Lena Dunham speeches and Laverne Cox diatribes will reverse that. In fact, the more Dunham and Cox are thrust to the fore by the Democrats, the more people will vote Republican in Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

The third factor: support for deporting immigrants living in the country illegally. Voters who supported deportation were “3.3 times more likely to express a preference for Trump than those who did not.” This was Ann Coulter’s thesis, and it was correct: people feel that the culture is changing in the United States not only due to the acidic effect of leftism, but due to the Left’s overt desire to change American culture through unfettered immigration without concern for assimilation. Workers in Ohio aren’t all that concerned about losing their jobs to illegal immigrants, but they are concerned about losing their country to people coming from lands that do not share the same basic values.

The fourth factor: disdain for higher education. Again, this is a cultural hallmark, not an economic one. According to PRRI, “White working-class voters who said that college education is a gamble were almost twice as likely to express a preference for Trump as those who said it was an important investment in the future.” That has less to do with people disdaining an engineering degree than people seeing that liberal colleges have become breeding grounds for anti-American “globalism” and anti-traditionalism.

Coincidentally, the satirical website The Onion released a hilarious video the other day parodying how unlikely the Left’s jargon actually is to win over working class voters.

Hopefully liberals deem this study “sexist” – it’ll only further contribute to them losing future elections.

[Note: This post was authored by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]

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