Hot off the press: New CONSPIRACY theory behind Comey’s firing

With the ink on Jim Comey’s termination letter not yet even dry, the New York Times had already put its own ink to paper (or fingers to keyboard, as it were) regarding (its version of) the real reason for the termination.

The lead column on its op-ed page yesterday screamed, “Trump’s Firing of Comey Is All About Russia Inquiry.” Yes the Times somehow just knows this to be true. The column ranted, “Mr. Comey was fired because he was leading an active investigation that could bring down a president.”

Granted it’s an opinion piece and not a supposed bit of factual reporting, but today the onslaught has continued and the NYT has kicked it up a notch. Sounding more and more like MSNBC every day, the entirety of the “mainstream media” will grasp at any straw, no matter how difficult to reach, no matter how much unsubstantiated evidence, regardless of any potential damage to their own reputation if they perceive an opportunity to knock some shine off Trump’s luster.

In their eyes, the canning of Comey validates the Trump/Russia connection and they’re running with it.

The NYT today became the the first major news media outlet to connect the dots (real or imagined) and proclaim Comey was fired specifically to prevent him from outing Trump’s connections to Russia.

According to the Times, “Days Before He Was Fired, Comey Asked for More Resources for Russia Investigation”:

“Days before he was fired, James B. Comey, the former F.B.I. director, asked the Justice Department for a significant increase in resources for the bureau’s investigation into Russia’s interference in the presidential election, according to three congressional officials who were briefed on his request.

Mr. Comey asked for the resources last week from Rod J. Rosenstein, the deputy attorney general, who also wrote the Justice Department’s memo that was used to justify the firing of Mr. Comey this week, the officials said.

Mr. Comey then briefed members of Congress on the meeting in recent days, telling them about his meeting with Mr. Rosenstein, who is the most senior law enforcement official supervising the Russia investigation. Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself because of his close ties to the Trump campaign and his undisclosed meetings with the Russian ambassador.

The F.B.I. declined to comment. But Sarah Isgur Flores, the Justice Department spokeswoman, said “the idea that he asked for more funding” for the Russia investigation was “totally false.” She did not elaborate.”

The story is replete with unnamed sources, the vaunted ‘anonymous officials’ and the Justice Department denied the report. Is that enough to stop the Times? Not a chance. As far as the left is concerned, Comey was getting close. Very close. The fact there isn’t a shred of evidence to back up any of these Russia allegations means nothing.

“Comey was requesting more resources because he was about to slam the door on Trump so Trump fired him!”
“Do you have any evidence of this?”

“Then how do you know its true?”
“I just do!”
“That’s good enough for me. Print it.”

The New York Times. Now that’s journalism.

[Note: This article was written by Derrick Wilburn]

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