Hitler no longer trendy: Bette Midler finds new OUTRAGEOUS comparison for GOP

Hollywood celebrities are, by and large, brainwashed progressive hacks who get paid an insanely large salary to play pretend like a bunch of kids at recess.

Which is why so many people scoff and jeer when these intellectually-challenged individuals sound off on political matters, about which they actually understand very little

That, and sometimes they say something absolutely deplorable and just plain awful like Bette Midler just did about the GOP health care bill.

The infamous left-wing diva compared the passing of this legislation designed to replace Obamacare to the gassing of innocent civilians by evil Syrian dictator Assad.

According to The Washington Examiner, Aggressive and bombastic vocabulary naturally lends itself to political commentary. Run-of-the-mill gridlock gets written up in the press as dramatic obstruction, and overnight gray-headed lawmakers become bridge burners, legislative saboteurs and bomb throwers.

There’s no dishonesty. It’s just an effort to bring alive dry parliamentary jousting. But Bette Midler must’ve gotten confused while reading the headlines. The elderly Tony Award winner seems to think that opposition to Obamacare amounts to murder.

“So the #homegrownAssads in the #FreedomCaucus want employers to not have to offer health care to employees,” Midler recently tweeted, equating mild-mannered conservatives to a murderous Syrian war criminal. “Like gassing their own people!”

While one has to respect the passion of the actor/singer-songwriter/comedian, Midler seems a little bit off base. Incremental reforms to a massive healthcare law that has increased premiums and decreased access to insurers is much different than dropping Sarin gas on innocent men, women and children. It’s good government, not a crime against humanity.

No one can really fault the pop diva for her political illiteracy. Midler’s better known for belting out the “Boogie Woogie Bugler Boy” than offering in-depth analysis of the day-to-day debate over complicated healthcare policy. But while you may not want to blame her, you should blame the likes of Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez.

Wow. Just wow.

If a conservative said something this awful, there’d be calls across the Twittersphere demanding blood. Why is this non-existent for the left?

Perhaps because the only “tolerance” they possess is for those cut from the same cloth?

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]


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