FLASHBACK: Look how liberals changed their tune over Comey [LANGUAGE]

For the hyper-partisan liberals, not a one seems to be consistent in light of James Comey’s firing. When Comey and the FBI were investigating Hillary Clinton he was a villain – then he was “simply doing his job” when he let her off the hook – and then again he was a man interfering with the election when the case was briefly reopened in late October, right before the election.

You can see that change of narrative in the contradictory Washington Post headlines below.


It’s amusing that Comey was fired by Trump, because during the campaign it was mainly liberals calling for Comey to be fired for supposedly sabotaging the Hillary Clinton campaign.

The funniest reaction by far came from John Podesta, who sent the following tweets out seven hours apart – the first before Comey’s firing, and the second after.


Well, they must not have been getting that nauseous in Podesta’s eyes. Meanwhile, Keith Olbermann, who had previously called for Comey’s firing on multiple occasions, threw a temper tantrum (language warning):


And in the case of Michael Moore, he went from wanting Comey to reside in Alcatraz, to bemoaning Trump’s “great abuse of power.”

With intellectual consistency like this, it’s almost as if Trump could merely add a (D) at the end of his name and everyone mentioned above would have the exact opposite opinion.

[Note: This post was authored by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]

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