Meme DESTROYS liberal argument that “health care is a right”

Since health care is a big topic of discussion right now, what with the GOP replacement for Obamacare having passed the House and all, we’ve been seeing a ton of the “health care is a right” nonsense being spewed forth from every liberal blogger and social media account on Al Gore’s internet.

The left apparently thinks everything is a right, and why wouldn’t they? They don’t believe rights come from nature or God, but from the government, therefore, men get to decide what is and isn’t a right.

This way of thinking ignores the reality that if government can give a right, it can also take it away, which is why conservatives believe our rights come from God or nature.

Anyway, this meme has a fantastic counter for the next time you’re faced with this load of liberal hogwash.


The left hates to admit it, but capitalist societies which stress financial reward are the ones who have the best health care systems in the world.

Countries with socialistic health care systems have extremely long waits for specialists and treatment that can lead to the death of patients (just ask our veterans). Those in desperate need of medicine and other forms of treatment are forced to wait months on end to be cared for, if at all.

Taxes in those societies are high and oppressive, leading to depressed economies, lack of motivation for working, and on the list goes.

Again, rights don’t come from man or government. They come from something outside of ourselves, an objective standard of right and wrong, our Creator. Thus, no man can take them away.

Medical treatment is a service; therefore, no one is entitled to it.

Now if only the left would understand this.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]


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