In just THREE WORDS, Charles Krauthammer perfectly sums up Obama’s JFK speech

When it comes to hypocrisy, the left seems to have a corner on the market, and their golden boy, former President Barack Obama, is a prime example.

Our 44th president has long made his feelings known about the rich and wealthy, stating time and again they’ve “made enough money,” and creating legislation geared toward taking it from them to give to those who haven’t earned it.

Yes, he’s a big fan of state sanctioned armed robbery.

The irony, of course, is that the man now has a $65 million book deal and makes $400,000 per speech. Obama is the rich guy, yet there’s no indication of him following his own espoused beliefs and “spreading the wealth around.”

This sort of rhetoric, spewed forth during a speech honoring the late John F. Kennedy, inspired some scathing remarks from Fox News personality, Charles Krauthammer.

Via Fox News Insider:

Charles Krauthammer criticized former President Obama for “condescending” remarks he made at a speech commemorating former President John F. Kennedy.

Krauthammer said it was “nice to be reminded as a nation why he’s gone” after 100 days of virtual silence.

Obama slammed Republicans – but not by name – saying that it does not take courage to help those who are wealthy or powerful, but that it does take courage to help sick people.

Krauthammer shredded the former president’s comments on the GOP health care bill, saying it was “complete moral condescension.”

He went on to state Obama was wrong to “say the other guys are cowards,” and to imply he and his ilk are the only ones who defend sick and underprivileged citizens.

“To pretend you are the one advocating [in a courageous way] is complete nonsense,” he said. “He reminded me it’s been 100 days, but good riddance, Mr. President.”

Liberals like to believe — falsely — that they’re the only compassionate folks on the planet, but how can one be filled with compassion when you’re stealing money from hardworking middle class families living paycheck to paycheck in order to fund your dream of a state-run Utopian society?

The plot behind Obamacare was always to overload the system, and make the idea of a single payer system — the next logical step after government intervention into the insurance industry — a more easily accepted idea among the general public.

If Obama has a problem with folks being responsible for purchasing their own health insurance, he can always use the lion’s share of his new found wealth for buying insurance for the needy.

You know, putting his money where his mouth is?

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]


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