Ahead of Middle East trip, Turkey issues OMINOUS threat to Trump

In the world of foreign policy, it’s often best to evaluate based on actions, not words. We have world leaders who will say almost anything, but what they do is far more important.

For instance, according to Vladimir Putin, ISIS was going to be gone, along with those chemical weapons…riiight. And China’s Xi Jinping is going to take care of Kim Jung Un. Ok, so what’s the problem? I suppose President Xi is just too busy building those manmade islands and fortifying them with military airfields and surface-to-ship missiles.

And remember how President Obama once referred to Turkey’s President Erdogan as his bestie? Yep, how does the saying go, with friends like that who needs enemies? Yeah, well those words are worthless now.

As reported by World Israel News, “In a slanderous attack on the Jewish state, Turkish President Erdogan accused Israel of racism, warned Trump against moving the US embassy to Jerusalem and called on Muslims to flood the Temple Mount.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan blasted Israel in an Istanbul speech Monday, accusing the Jewish state of racism, and warned against making any changes to the status quo at the Temple Mount. Bemoaning an Israeli presence, he called on Muslims from around the world to flood the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

“Every day that Jerusalem is under occupation is an insult to Muslims,” said Erdogan. “Visiting the Temple Mount would be the greatest support to our brothers there.” The Turkish leader slammed Israel’s plan to curb the volume of the Islamic calls to prayer with the Muezzin Bill. “It is shameful that this issue is even on the agenda,” he stated. “The fact that those who talk about freedom of thought even approve this measure by remaining silent is noteworthy. We will not allow the silencing of prayers from Jerusalem.”

A bill seeking to regulate the often ear-splitting Muslim call to prayer, known as the Muezzin, in the wee hours of the morning has raised hackles among Muslims, who contend that the measure amounts to an assault on their freedom of religion. Erdogan also warned the Trump administration not to move its embassy to Jerusalem. “It is wrong,” he said. “Such a plan should be dropped.”

First, let’s consider who Recep Erdogan is. He’s an Islamist who’s played the dangerous game of supporting Islamic jihadist organizations, like ISIS, and enabling their transit into Syria. Also, Erdogan has done very well consolidating his power and rebuking the very fundamentals for which Kemal Ataturk established the modern secular Islamic state of Turkey. And freedom of religion, are you kidding me? Erdogan is lecturing Israel, the most multicultural society in the Middle East? Where is the freedom of religion in Saudi Arabia? What did Erdogan say when his Islamist brethren attacked Coptic Christian churches on Palm Sunday in Egypt?

And what is this about Erdogan issuing threats to President Trump? I must admit, since President Trump did make this an issue — moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem — if he doesn’t, then folks like Erdogan will claim victory…via intimidation. President Trump should have waited to have a visit with Mahmoud Abbas until after his visit to Israel and meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu. How is it that Erdogan can get away with this incitement to violence, a call to violence for Muslims? Imagine if a western leader called for Christians to flood Mecca or Medina — oops, my bad, “infidels” are prohibited from entering those two cities. Yep, lectures on freedom of religion when no Christian symbols or synagogues are allowed in Saudi Arabia.

Here’s what needs to happen. Turkey should be expelled from NATO, as long as Recep Tayyip Erdogan is its leader. Anyway, Erdogan is aligning himself with Russia these days. The Russian, Iranian, Turkish partition agreement in Syria is a true indicator of with whom Erdogan finds comfort. And forget the Sunni-Shia chasm; Erdogan will do whatever is necessary to elevate himself as a regional hegemon, potentially to replace the current Sunni hegemon, Saudi Arabia. After all, the last Islamic caliphate was the Ottoman Empire i.e. Turkey, and Erdogan sincerely has set his designs for that restoration — and his domestic political maneuvers give witness.

Recep Erdogan has given enough evidence as to the direction he’s trending, and it’s not consistent with the values of NATO. And it’s certainly not in concert with the fundamental principles and values of classical liberal democracies.

Erdogan has threatened Europe to unleash the floodgates of more “refugees” where we know Islamic jihadists are embedded and infiltrating. His actions are not those of someone with whom we need an alliance. What to do with our military bases in Turkey? Simple, the Kurds have always welcomed our military and Kirkuk AB is a quite capable facility. If we want leverage against Erdogan and his vision for Turkey, the key is better relations with the Kurdish Regional Government.

From a foreign policy perspective, if we could work to bring together the Iranian and Syrian Kurds, that would be a monumental achievement — one that would reshape the Middle East. And yes, I know, we’ll have to put pressure on the Kurds to cease their terror activities and stop their persecution of Christian minorities, especially the Assyrians.

Let me reiterate, we need an address from President Trump on his national security and foreign policy doctrine. It cannot be defined as “unpredictability” – that’s a nice tactic, but not a strategy. I know many of you are focused on your everyday lives and perhaps this is of no concern. However, these global affairs are moving at a lightning pace. And sadly, the bad guys are aligning, and doing so defiantly.

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