REVEALED: We just discovered what the Obama Foundation is REALLY up to…

While there were many, MANY factors in play that led to the downfall of Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election, one of the big reveals that sped her along the path to political failure was the shady activities of the Clinton Foundation.

Hillary’s pet project charity — if one can really call it that — was hammered mercilessly for taking foreign donations in exchange for political favors.

Apparently this same level of corruption also exists within former President Barack Obama’s foundation as it seems it’s also headed for troubling waters.

The Daily Caller is reporting, Federal law requires tax-exempt entities like the Barack Obama Foundation and the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation to stick closely to their IRS-approved missions. For former chief executives, that mission has been building and operating libraries to house their official papers for posterity.

In a relatively unnoticed series of steps during the first six-years of its existence, the Clintons converted their foundation from focusing solely on the presidential library in Little Rock, Ark., to a $2 billion globe-trotting political influence-peddling machine.

The transformation moved the Clinton non-profit from its declared exempt purpose in 1998 “to design, construct and initially endow a presidential archival deposit,” to the vastly expanded 2004 description of “dual missions of constructing and endowing the Clinton Presidential Center and park in Little Rock, Arkansas, and continuing the work of his presidency to strengthen the capacity of people in the United States and throughout the world to meet the challenges of global interdependence.”

Compare that statement to the mission description for Obama’s foundation in its exemption application, which gets to the same wide-open mission but without the multiple intermediate steps taken by the Clintons:

“The Barack Obama Foundation will both plan and develop a Presidential Center for future activities, including the Presidential Library, a museum and a broader campus, and engage in activities reflecting President Obama’s values and priorities throughout his career in public service: expanding economic opportunity, inspiring an ethic of American citizenship, and promoting peace, justice and dignity throughout the world.

“The foundation envisions a presidential Center that, through its mission, initiatives, and physical and virtual presence, advances and interprets the themes of civic engagement, global perspective, health and wellness, environmental stewardship, public education, a spirit of innovation, and will become an anchor for economic development and cultivate a strong relationship with the library’s surrounding community.”

The next paragraph of the description contains a textual sleight-of-hand that enables the Obama non-profit to get quickly to the same point it took the Clinton operation six years to reach:

“Congress codified this model in the Presidential Libraries Act of 1955. The Act outlined the legal authority of the General Services Administration (GSA) Administrator to accept the gift of a presidential archival depository and to maintain, operate, and protect it as part of the national archives system.”

The main issue here is that this “codified model” and IRS regulations and amendments that came later are focused on the actual construction and operation of a presidential library with no mention of the more sweeping purposes expressed by both Obama’s non-profit organization and the Clinton Foundation.

The report from The Daily Caller stated that on the most recent tax form from the Obama Foundation, the mission, the reason for which the organization existed, was the “development of the presidential center.” There was no mention of the kind of library described by the Presidential Libraries Act of 1955.

It seems there’s truly some sort of moral disconnect inherent in the ideological belief system of progressives and liberals that seems to indicate these politicians are totally okay stealing power, privilege, and money for themselves under the guise of helping others.

At this point, given all we know of Obama and what he “accomplished” during his time in office, none of this should strike us as surprising.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]


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