PAYBACK: Mexico gets a taste of its own medicine and it’s all thanks to Trump….

One of Trump’s biggest campaign promises during the 2016 presidential election was to build a wall, secure the border, and reduce the flow of illegal immigrants into our nation.

While the wall has met resistance, other policies enacted by the administration have already started to show results in lowering the number of folks flooding across our southern border, making good on Trump’s promise to fix this pressing issue.

Not only is the number of immigrant detentions dropping dramatically, but individuals from Central America who try to sneak into our country are starting to think twice, looking instead to Mexico.

According to Reuters, The Trump administration has pointed to a sharp decline in immigrant detentions in the first few months of this year as a vindication for the president’s tough immigration policies, which have sent shudders through immigrant communities across the continent.

Mexican asylum data and testimony from migrants in Tenosique suggest that although fewer Central Americans are trying to enter the United States, plenty are still fleeing their poor, violent home countries, with many deciding to stay longer in Mexico, which has traditionally been a transit country.

The number of people applying for asylum in Mexico has soared by more than 150 percent since Donald Trump was elected president, Reuters reported last month, while some Mexican immigrants would rather set up in Canada than the United States.

Between Trump’s election in November and March, 5421 people applied for asylum in Mexico, up from 2148 people in the same period a year earlier, Mexican government data shows.

Samuel, who used a pseudonym, was threatened with death after gangs kidnapped and murdered his 19-year-old son in El Salvador, prompting him to plan a move with his family to the United States. Trump’s election changed everything.

“I wanted to go to the United States with my family, but we’ve seen that the new government there has made things harder,” said Samuel,

“For the time being, we want to stay here in Mexico, and we’ve already applied for refugee status.”

Asylum applications in Mexico rose steadily in recent years as the flow of people leaving Central America increased. But in 2016, as Trump campaigned on a tough anti-immigration platform, applicants jumped to 8,781, up from just under 3,500 in 2015. Mexico’s refugee agency COMAR predicts it could receive more than 22,500 asylum applications in 2017.

While the plight of many Central Americans is unfortunate, it’s wrong to expect an entire nation of people to allow folks to waltz into the country without any concern for the safety of its own citizens.

Trump’s immigration policies are not unfair or cruel. They’re simply meant to enforce the rules and laws we already have on the books, protecting our physical safety and economic security from criminal illegals and those who would put a greater strain on our economy.

Mexico may soon be considering its own wall.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]


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