Obamacare “architect” now says it’s TRUMP’S fault for…

“If you have a law that makes explicit that healthy people pay in and sick people get money, it wouldn’t have passed.Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage and, basically, call it the stupidity of the American voter or whatever.But basically, that was really critical to getting the thing to pass.”

These are the now infamous words of Jonathan Gruber a once unknown MIT economist who came to be known as the ‘chief architect’ of Obamacare and whom then-Senator John Kerry credited for having “been our [liberal elites] guide on a lot of this.”

Gruber went from being Democrats’ hero for his ability to cloak their plans in smoke and mirrors to a thorn in their side for his inability to stop (publicly) admitting the truth. Unable to stay out of the limelight for very long, Gruber has resurfaced and is now singing an absolutely unbelievable tune.

With California and Maryland announcing massive consumer cost increases just last week, Gruber actually managed to push the words past his lips that the current collapse of the Affordable Care Act we’re all witnessing is actually Donald Trump’s fault!

The amazing statement was made while Gruber was a guest on “Fox News Sunday” yesterday as reported by The Daily Caller:

“Obamacare spinmaster Jonathan Gruber blamed President Trump on Sunday for some of the failures of President Obama’s health care law.

Gruber, an MIT economics professor who is considered one of the architects of Obamacare, made the bold claim during an interview with Chris Wallace on “Fox News Sunday.”

While discussing the House’s passage this week of a Trump-backed bill to repeal and replace Obamacare, Wallace pointed to statistics showing that health care premiums have skyrocketed as insurance companies are fleeing some markets.

Premiums under Obamacare went up 24 percent last year, and the average number of insurers in each marketplace fell from 5.9 to 3.9, Wallace noted.

“Look, and who’s fault is this? Before President Trump was elected there were no counties in America that did not have an insurer. Since President Trump has been elected, and massive…,” Gruber responded.

“Wait, you’re going to blame the problems of Obamacare on President Trump?” Wallace interjected.

Gruber went on to claim that Trump has undercut the open enrollment program in Obamacare and “doesn’t honor the obligations this law makes to insurers.”

“As a result premiums are going up and insurers are exiting,” he said.”

A more astounding quote you will not soon find.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was passed along a straight party line vote and signed into law in 2010. The America people were promised that CSPAN cameras would be in the room during its drafting so we could see all that was going on. Those cameras were removed. We were promised the bill would be placed on the White House website prior to being voted on in congress so we could read it. It never was.  It was so filled with kickbacks, favors and payoffs to secure votes that the Speaker of the House told her colleagues ‘we have to pass this bill so that you can  find out what’s in it.”

Yet now Donald Trump, who just celebrated his 100th day in office and who was a private citizen at the time, is deserving of the blame for this massive, expensive, disastrous failure? Gruber, go back to telling the truth.

[Note: This article was written by Derrick Wilburn]

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