Meme perfectly SKEWERS liberal argument on Second Amendment AND healthcare

“Healthcare is a basic human right” reads the signs protesting the American Health Care Act – and the widely anticipated repeal of Obamacare. Strangely it seems to be missing in the Bill of Rights – which grants plenty of freedoms, none of which involve any form of services provided on the government’s part.

It was a wise thing to do, as when the government is tasked with providing some kind of good or service that constitutes a “right,” it gets provided about as well as they provide anything else.

South Africa’s constitution, for example, guarantees a right to adequate housing – and yet the nation is plagued by massive housing shortages. And speaking of rights – when it comes to the Constitutional right to keep and bear arms, aren’t we constantly reminded that such a right was only intended for muskets?

Suppose for a second that there was a right to healthcare provided  in the Constitution – here’s what the liberal argument on the right to keep and bear arms would look like turned on its head….


That looks about right – and that’s not all.

If the rights granted by the Constitution are only to be applied to the landscape of the late 1700s, the right to freedom of speech wouldn’t extend to the internet, which obviously didn’t exist at the time. Nor would the freedom of religion cover all religions, as Mormonism wasn’t a religion until a half-century after the drafting of the Bill of Rights.

Regardless, contrary to what many believe, there were plenty of guns available in the late 1700s capable of firing more than one shot at a time like a musket. The 16-shot wheel-lock, for example, had been developed in the late 1500s. The .67 caliber rifle was designed to “fire 16 stacked charges of powder and ball in a rapid “Roman candle” fashion.”

And of course, you’ll notice the Second Amendment doesn’t mention the word “muskets” either, as Piers Morgan (formally of CNN) learned in the embarrassing exchange below:


[Note: This post was authored by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]


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