Hours after French election, people notice something STRANGE about Hillary…

After Donald Trump’s stunning victory last November, Hillary was nowhere to be seen to concede defeat. Instead, John Podesta addressed a distraught crowd, telling them that Hillary wouldn’t be speaking tonight. One could only imagine how shocked she was – as only hours earlier Bill had literally been jumping for joy, prematurely celebrating their anticipated victory.

It was later reported that the reason she didn’t come out publicly to admit defeat was because she was “crying inconsolably.”

And after that, Hillary disappeared for weeks, only to be seen in seemingly staged photographs taken in the woods. She eventually returned to making public appearances so she could blame her loss on misogyny, the FBI, Russian hackers, and Wikileaks.

She’d have a lot to learn from Marine Le Pen, who lost the French presidential election yesterday (and would’ve been France’s first female president had she won).

As BizPacReview reported, unlike Hillary, hours after the right-wing, nationalist candidate called her opponent, Emmanuel Macron, to concede, Le Pen was caught on video partying and dancing with her supporters in the French capital.

Le Pen was grooving to American hits like Joan Jett’s “I Love Rock N Roll” and The Village People’s “YMCA.”

After her concession she also celebrated with Macron’s wife Brigitte and his supporters outside of the Louvre in Paris, in a show of unity.

“I congratulate him on his election because I have the best interests of the country at heart, I wish him success,” she said.

A big difference from Clinton who has stated she is a member of the resistance to President Trump, and even started her own PAC which many believe is a precursor to a third run at the presidency.

The contrast was noticed on social media.


Not like anyone would want to see Hillary Clinton dancing anyway – but you get the point.

[Note: This post was authored by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]


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