Anti-Christian activists score DESPICABLE victory at veterans memorial park; force city to accept…

As strange as it seems, there are people who know and recognize Satan as the “Prince of Darkness” yet choose to worship and praise him. Maybe they see it all as a joke, and a not-too-subtle dig at Christianity, but sadly once again, the joke’s on us.

Under siege from legal actions by the Freedom from Religion Foundation the Minnesota town of Belle Plaine has caved into the demands of this coalition of anti-Christian activists and announced that it will allow a satanic monument to be placed in a veterans memorial park rather than slug it out in court.

Minneapolis/St. Paul CBS News affiliate WCCO ran its report titled, “Satanic Monument To Be Installed In Veterans Park”:

“A veterans’ memorial park in Minnesota will soon include a satanic monument among its tributes, as an unintended consequence of a free speech debate.

The city of Belle Plaine, about 45 miles southwest of Minneapolis, is allowing the monument in its Veterans Memorial Park after the Freedom from Religion Foundation threatened to sue over another statue that features a soldier praying over a grave marked with a cross. The cross was removed once the issue was raised, but more than 100 residents rallied to put it back.

…The memorial from the Satanic Temple in Salem, Massachusetts, features a black cube with inverted pentagrams, a soldier’s helmet and a plaque honoring veterans who died in battle.”

The fact that the Satanic Temple is located in Salem, Massachusetts -once known for being a hotbed of sorcery, witchcraft and satanic activity- is lost on no one. This is the very same ‘church’ that has drawn attention to itself for its efforts to reach and indoctrinate your elementary-aged school children into its devil worshiping ways with its “After School Satan” campaign.

file-page1-768x764      Activity-Book    file-page5-e1469687286257

it’s an effort to ‘soften’ the image of the Prince of Darkness and make him more appealing rather than frightening to young children. Including its “Educatin’ With Satan” curriculum which is designed to make the big guy fun, you know, lighten the image a little.

Interestingly, anti-Christian gadfly Mikey Weinstein and his “Military Religious Freedom Foundation” who seeks out, sues and does everything possible to rip any and all corners of our Judeo-Christian ethic from anything to do with the U.S. military – service academies, parks, memorials, cemeteries, you name it – has been oddly silent on this incursion of religion into a veterans’ memorial park. Could it be because these freedom from religion outfits should really be called ‘anti-Christianity’ foundations?

Why is acknowledging or worshiping a God who teaches love, charity, and the promise of hope an unacceptable thing but acknowledging one whose claim to fame is death, destruction, fire and brimstone ok? Because, liberals.

[Note: This article was written by Derrick Wilburn]

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