Whoa: Rand Paul jumps on Trump wiretapping bandwagon with NEW allegation

There’s been a lot of controversy surrounding President Trump’s claim that Obama had him under surveillance, but it seems that might be the tip of the iceberg.

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul is wondering if the Obama administration surveilled him, and he’s determined to find out.

This could get really good.

The Daily Caller is reporting, Sen. Rand Paul announced Friday that he has formally requested information from the White House and the Intelligence Committee on whether the Obama administration ever surveilled him.

“I have formally requested from the WH and the Intel Committees info on whether I was surveilled by Obama admin and or the Intel community!” Paul wrote on Twitter.

In two separate tweets, Paul also asked: “Did the Obama admin go after presidential candidates, members of Congress, journalists, clergy, lawyers, fed judges? and “Did the Obama admin use warrantless ‘wiretapping’ on other candidates besides @realDonaldTrump?”

Given how desperate Democrats were to win the election last year, and how Obama seems to care very little about violating the Constitutional rights of others, it doesn’t seem in the slightest bit beyond the realm of possibility for the former administration to have acted in such a way.

After all, we already know Obama surveilled thousands of Americans during the 2016 election cycle, unmasking the names of campaign or transition associates of President Donald Trump as well as members of Congress and their staffers.

It makes perfect sense that Sen. Paul was one of them. Heck, with the sort of stuff we write about concerning Obama and the Democrats, we’re probably on that list too!

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]

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