Ellen makes JAW-DROPPING vow about Trump…

If you were one of the few people with hopes of seeing President Trump dance around stage on daytime TV like former President Obama, you may be a bit disappointed. Despite the fact that popular host Ellen DeGeneres has hosted multiple political figures from both parties, the Emmy Award winner says she will never invite Donald Trump.

From The Hill:

Ellen DeGeneres says she doesn’t want President Trump on her talk show because “he’s against everything that I stand for.”

“I’m not going to change his mind,” the daytime TV host told Matt Lauer in an interview on “Today” that aired Friday.

The Emmy winner — who has played host to several political figures on her show over the years, including former first lady Michelle Obama, 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, former President George W. Bush and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.)

It’s a surprising vow, considering many people would likely tune in to see that personality clash, sending ratings through the roof. It’s even more ironic, considering she went on to give a bizarre explanation:

“We need to look at someone else who looks different than us and believes in something that we don’t believe in and still accept them, and still let them have their rights.”

In one breath, DeGeneres talks about the importance of accepting people that believe in different things…. while not accepting someone on her show because he believes in different things. One wonders if she realizes her own hypocrisy.

In a separate interview, DeGeneres and Lauer complained about Trump’s criticism of the media:

DeGeneres discussed with the morning TV anchor Trump’s relationship with the media and his dubbing much of the press as “fake news.”

“It’s something that he goes out and says in front of a crowd of supporters and he gets a great reaction,” Lauer, who estimated he had interviewed Trump roughly “30 or 40 times” on “Today,” said.

“He doesn’t hate the media. As a matter of fact he’s one of the people I know who has over the years loved the media more than most people. But it’s just this kind of catchphrase, the ‘fake news’ and the ‘fake media,’” said Lauer.

“I think he hates the media that doesn’t praise him,” said DeGeneres — who was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by then-President Barack Obama last year. “I think he hates the media that’s gonna attack him, which anyone would.”

“But you can’t have it both ways,” Lauer replied.

What seems lost on DeGeneres is that she is the very reason Trump’s skepticism of the media is valid. As a prominent media figure, she has hosted numerous politicians from both parties. Yet when it comes to Trump, she refuses to have him on her show. This kind of treatment is exactly the problem with the media today.

Of course, it’s unlikely Trump will shed a tear over not be invited on Ellen. At this point, the president is used to this kind of bias against him. Instead of dancing on daytime TV, he’ll continue his push to keep the promises he made to the American people. In reality, it’s a win/win for everyone involved.

[Note: This post was authored by Michael Lee. Follow him on Twitter @UAMichaelLee]

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