NBA legend makes racist comment about illegals; liberal response will leave you SPEECHLESS

Why does it seem like so many celebrities and professional athletes continue to weigh in on political topics these days?

Do these folks, who are paid to entertain people, really think we care what they have to say on the hot button issues of the day?

As if the glorious insights they have will enlighten us peasants to start thinking and acting differently?

Legendary basketball star Charles Barkley is the latest athlete to join the discussion about illegal immigration and what he has to say about the topic is truly cringe-worthy.

According to Breitbart, While promoting “American Race,” his new television series dealing with race in America on Thursday’s edition of CBS’ “The Late Show,” NBA Hall of Famer Charles Barkley said that he believes illegal immigrants are “getting a bad rap” in America.

“[W]e do talk about undocumented immigrants, who I think are getting a bad rap in this country. They’re here. They’re working their behind off. They do a lot of work the blacks and whites don’t want to do,” Barkley told host Stephen Colbert.

Barkley spoke with an undocumented family for the filming of the program and asked them what the difference was between Obama and Trump.

“I asked them…what’s the difference between President Trump and President Obama? And they said, ‘Well, there’s a big difference.’ Because under President Obama, they only got deported for felonies. With President Trump, they can even get deported for misdemeanors, so clearly that’s a huge difference,” he explained.

So not only are his comments insulting to both blacks and whites (so Asian people do all their own housecleaning?) assuming the vast majority of us are lazy slobs, he’s missing the whole point of what “illegal” means.

A strong immigration policy isn’t about giving illegals a “bad rap.” They already have one of those by violating the laws of the land.

It’s about keeping our nation safe and our resources reserved for our own people. Those who come here legally are welcome to drink from the fountain of American prosperity along with everyone else who lives here.

If only people like Barkley would understand this.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]

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