What I just saw happen at the White House has me REALLY perplexed

Greetings y’all from my office here at the National Center for Policy Analysis in Dallas. I was just sitting here reading and reviewing events and issues from this week.

I have a very perplexing point I’d like to share. This week, President Trump hosted the leader of an Islamic terrorist group masking itself as a legitimate entity with aggrieved status, Mahmoud Abbas, aka Abu Mazen, head of Fatah. Amazingly we heard lots of rumination from the liberal progressive left about President Trump wanting to host Philippine President Duterte whom some consider a violator of human rights.

But why no outrage over Abbas who uses global aid funds to pay off Islamic jihadists and their families? And who has been supportive of the recent stabbing and vehicle intifada being waged against innocent Jews in Israel? And please, spare me the “occupation” drivel; it holds no water with me since the Arabs rejected the two-state solution of Israel and Jordan.

If we’re so worried about folks having homelands, then who is advocating for the world’s largest ethnic group without a homeland, the Kurds, to finally have one? And the Kurdish people have a distinct culture, language, and history.

Then I also wondered, why here in America have we allowed the Palestinian Liberation Organization, the terrorist group created by Yasser Arafat, to have a diplomatic station in Washington DC, but we’ve had a policy, since Jimmy Carter of casting Taiwan into a diplomatic wilderness?

Yes, I know, “the one China policy,” but I’m trying to make sense of having a policy that elevates communists over a liberal democracy. Just gotta tell you, that does not make sense. Heck, Taiwan struggles with international recognition, yet it thrives on that tiny island nation of 24 million. But, we have a seat at the table in New York City’s United Nations headquarters for North Korea…a client state of those ChiComs, which is led by a certifiable psychopath.

But then everyone got their underwear in a wedgie when President-elect Trump took a call from Taiwan’s president Tsai Ing-wen. Oh yeah, it’s Madame President Tsai! Looks like the Taiwanese busted up that glass ceiling, yet she’s hardly celebrated globally? But the UN places a country like Saudi Arabia on a Commission for Women’s Rights?

So, we throw a big-time welcome party for the communist leader of China, Xi Jinping, but we have a policy that shuns a liberal democratic state, Taiwan.

Oh and how can I forget? We have an embassy and diplomatic relations with Cuba for heck’s sake.

Now, some really smart DC-based foreign policy wonk will say I just don’t understand foreign policy. My response to that person would be, sir or ma’am, I don’t want to understand something utterly and abjectly “stuck on stupid.”

You tell me, does any of this make sense, or is it just FUBAR? I would much rather have a Kurdistan than another Islamic terrorist state called Palestine. And I would much rather have Taiwan as a major trading partner and holder of our debt than a communist state building military fortified islands in the Pacific and paying us lip service over reining in their mad dog in North Korea.

Then again, common sense is an uncommon virtue in Washington DC…hence why I’m here in Dallas.

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