Hillary Clinton just got a BRUTAL take down from the unlikeliest source

We’re almost five months into President Trump’s first year, and Hillary Clinton is still droning on and on about her loss, while continuing to look for someone to point the finger at.

Her tiresome game of “pass the buck” has become so obnoxious even her closest buddies are getting sick and tired of it.

Like David Axelrod for example.

Axelrod recently spoke with CNN, stating it’s time for Hillary to get over it and move on.

NewsBusters is reporting:

While acknowledging that Clinton has a “narrow but legitimate belief” that James Comey, the head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, had an impact on the end of her campaign by stating she was again under investigation regarding her computer server, Axelrod asserted that “it’s time to move on” and “it takes a lot of work to lose to Donald Trump.”

“Comey didn’t tell her not to campaign in Wisconsin after the convention, and he didn’t say: ‘Don’t put any resources into Michigan until the final week of the campaign.'”

“One of the things that hindered her in the campaign was a sense that she never fully was willing to take responsibility for her mistakes, particularly that server, … so if I were her, if I were advising her, I would say “Don’t do this. Don’t go back and appear as if you’re shifting responsibility.”

“She said the words ‘I’m responsible,’ but everything else suggested that she doesn’t really feel that way,” Axelrod continued, “and I don’t think that helps her in the long run, so if I were her, I would move on.”

At that point, co-host Alyson Camerota played part of an interview by CNN International anchor and far-left journalist Christiane Amanpour involving Clinton at an event in Manhattan on Tuesday for the Women for Women International organization.

“I take absolute personal responsibility,” Clinton said. “I was the candidate, I was the person who was on the ballot, and I am very aware of, you know, the challenges, the problems, the shortfall that we had.”

“Did we make mistakes?” she asked. “Of course we did. Did I make mistakes? Oh my gosh, yes! When you read my confession and my request for absolution, the reasons why I believe we lost were the intervening events in the last 10 days.”

Camerota then asked Axelrod: “David, what do you think about the theory that she didn’t go further there and sort of flesh it out because she has a book out?” She said: “You’ll read my confession and my request for absolution as in, like, ‘Stay turned. That’s coming up’ in my book.”

“Well, look,” he replied, “I think she’d have been well served to stop it before she got to ‘but the reason I lost’ — It takes a lot of work to lose to Donald Trump. Let me tell you, he was the least popular presidential candidate to win in the history of polling, and so, it wasn’t just the Comey letter.”

Who’d have ever thought David Axelrod would be a harbinger of truth, but yet, here we are.

Axelrod couldn’t be more right. It’s well past time for Hillary to stop pointing the finger and just admit she wasn’t the right person for the job, as evidenced by the American voting public.

Taking a good, hard look in the mirror would be a great starting point for her.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]


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