WHOA: Now even CNN is saying this about Hillary…

In a recent public appearance, Hillary Clinton took the high road and said that she accepts “personal responsibility” for her election loss – then proceeded to point the finger at everyone besides herself.

Russian hackers, Wikileaks, the FBI, and misogyny were all blamed – so basically, the usual suspects.

“If the election was held on October 27th, I would’ve been President,” she claimed (making reference to the reopening of the FBI’s investigation into her on October 28th). Of course, that reopening of the investigation was re-closed shortly after, before Election Day.

You’d think perhaps that taking “personal responsibility” for her loss would be more along the lines of acknowledging that she held only two-thirds as many campaign rallies as Trump did, which drew in far fewer people (for example, in August 2016, 198,280 attended Trump’s rallies, but only 9,820 attended Hillary’s). Or maybe she would’ve put in enough effort where there wouldn’t have been articles like one published October 24th titled “Hillary Clinton so far ahead in the polls that she doesn’t even think about Donald Trump anymore.” Great call there, by the way.

It’s a ridiculous series of excuses that even CNN and Bill Maher couldn’t help but ridicule. CNN’s Jake Tapper’s opened up his show yesterday by doing as much:

Later on the show, HBO’s Bill Maher (who backed Hillary in the election) was on the show – and even he couldn’t figure out for the life of him why she was back in the spotlight (but did partially agree with Hillary).


And he had some words for the Democrats in future elections: drop the identity politics.


Whoa. Even those who agree with Hillary Clinton can’t stand her… maybe that’s one of the real reasons she lost.

[Note: This post was authored by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]

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