What the UN just did yesterday must TRULY be the FINAL straw…

There’s hypocrisy, and then there’s just blatant disrespect. Yesterday, we had a sincere case of the latter.

Nothing says I love you on your country’s birthday like a big fat one-finger salute from that venerable collective gathering of despots, dictators, and autocrats known as the United Nations. And on the 69th anniversary of the modern day State of Israel’s birthday celebration, well, the United Nations Education, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) showed just how much affinity it had for Israel.

As reported by the Jerusalem Post, With 23 countries abstaining and 3 absent altogether, the 58 board members gathered in Paris approved the resolution referred to as “occupied Palestine” with minority support. The UNESCO Executive Board is expected to ratify the resolution on Friday.

“The number of countries who support this absurd UNESCO resolution is getting smaller,” Netanyahu told the diplomatic corps at an Independence Day reception. It’s a significant shift from the passage of Jerusalem resolutions last year, with 33 nations approving a controversial anti-Israel text in April and 24 voting for it in October. With a determined effort it will be possible to whittle that number down further, “because there is no need for these types of votes in the UN,” Netanyahu said.

Israel had feared it would lose European support, particularly given that as a result of a German led effort, the 11 EU states on the board had met with the resolution’s Arab sponsors to work on a common language. But those efforts fell apart, when both Italy and the UK stated that they would oppose the measures while Sweden was bent on supporting it. Israel’s Ambassador to UNESCO Carmel Shama-HaCohen said that the Arab states were shocked on Tuesday to discover how badly the tide had turned against them.

The ten countries who opposed the measure were: The United States, Italy, UK, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Greece, Germany, Paraguay, Togo and the Ukraine. Among the countries that abstained were; Estonia, France, Slovenia, Spain, India, Japan, Kenya and Uganda. Countries that supported the measure included; Russia, Iran, South African, China and Brazil. The resolution was submitted by Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Oman, Qatar and Sudan on behalf of the Palestinian Authority.

The PA Ministry of Foreign Affairs declared the vote a victory for international law and a statement against Israel’s “occupation” in Jerusalem. The vote reaffirms the “centrality of Jerusalem to world heritage as well as the need to confront the dangers posed by the illegal practices of Israel, the occupying Power, in the City and elsewhere, which threaten the cultural and historical integrity of these invaluable sites.”

What you must deduce from the drop in numbers supporting a resolution against Israel is that we no longer have Barack Obama and his henchman, Samantha Power, there to rally support against Israel –such as we saw in the closing days of the Obama administration as his parting love tap to Prime Minister Netanyahu.

However, what is also telling is the fact that Russia and China voted for this resolution. This gives validity to the old Reagan mantra of “trust, but verify.” We continue to get massive quantities of lip service from Putin and Jinping about what they say they’ll do. But it’s quite obvious that their actions speak boldly in the opposite. Russia, along with Iran, who also supported this anti-Israeli resolution, isn’t serious about helping with the demise of Ilamic jihadism in the Middle East. Heck, that’s just about the biggest self-licking ice cream cone lie I’ve ever heard. That would mean Russia would assist in destroying Iran, the number one state sponsor of Islamic terrorism. And China, if they REALLY wanted the lil’ fat kid with the bad haircut to go away, he would have been gone years ago.

What’s also quite perplexing — no disconcerting — is that Egypt had a part in presenting this resolution. And to think we have an Air Force base in Qatar? Well, we also have bases in Turkey, which under Mr. Erdogan has taken a sure fire turn towards being an Islamo-fascist state. This vote should be very telling for our UN Ambassador Nikki Haley and President Trump. Considering the fact that the leader of the cool, suit-wearing jihadist group, Fatah, Mahmoud Abbas, is scheduled to meet with President Trump, there should be a very hardline stance against these shenanigans.

Jerusalem is the capitol of Israel. The fact that the Arabs didn’t like it and attacked taking over the city after the 1948 declaration of Independence means nothing. The nomadic Arabs referring to themselves as “Palestinians” had a country, Jordan, and a beautiful land and capitol, Amman. It’s time we stop placating and pacifying bad behavior, which will only begets further bad behavior. This whole episode about “Palestinians” has been a really bad Pavlovian experiment.

If I were president I’d tell Mr. Abu Mazen, Abbas, to save the plane ride, as the only way I would see him is if he went on Palestinian TV — where they talk about killing Jews — and declare Israel’s right to exist. I would then demand that he travel to Jerusalem, apologize, and sign a document with Netanyahu affirming the same.

And I would remind Abbas that as a student of history, I’m quite aware of Mohammed’s violation of the Treaty of Hudabiyya, and the practice of taquiyya. Again, I stress, trust, but verify. Here is why kickstarting our economic growth by way of serious tax reform is so important. We need to grow our economic strength, and along with that our energy security strength. We must send a clear message to these Arab states who play us the fool, a simple southern maxim, “that dawg don’t hunt no more.” This resolution against Israel should have been soundly defeated. Only cowards take pride in abstaining from a vote…but as the song “Freewill” by Rush states, “if you chose not to decide, you still have made a choice.”

Estonia abstained, and they want our support to defend against Russian aggression in the Baltics. India abstained, and they want us to provide more support against their long time foe, and Islamic jihadist base, Pakistan. France is dealing with an incredible influx of Islamic jihadists, and most French Jews have said “au revoir.” Kenya abstained, and they want US support to defeat Al Shabab, the brutal Islamic jihadist group in Somalia to the north. And Japan? Japan abstained, YGTBSM, and they’re looking to the United States to safeguard them from the Chinese and North Korea.

Yep, I’d be on the phone calling every single one of the leaders of these countries who supported the resolution, abstained, and presented it on behalf of Abbas’ little closet Islamic terrorist organization. And just so you know, I would NEVER sit down with Kim Jung Un. Not giving that psychopath a platform or audience.

Businessmen negotiate, but true leaders look at bad guys with a steel-eyed stare and without speaking a word, they speak volumes. Time to send a non-verbal message to the United Nations and a specific gathering of Islamo-fascists calling themselves Arab states. Ask yourself, when was the last time UNESCO unanimously voted for a resolution against ISIS, the Taliban, or any of these other savage barbarians who destroy global cultural antiquities?

Hey, Prime Minister Netanyahu, you are an ol’ Israeli Airborne Commando, you know that stare!

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