Liberal TV star’s husband fights integration in public school; incredibly SHE says…

Liberals have a small basket full of tools they enjoy pulling out time after time after time when it comes to slandering conservatives.

The most popular of these is the whole “racist” label, which they use practically any and every time there’s a disagreement with someone who holds a differing worldview from their own.

Which is what makes leftist darling Samantha Bee’s hypocrisy so much more delicious. Bee is the smug, arrogant host of a radical liberal television show on TBS, for those who don’t know.

Her husband is actively trying to prevent greater integration in their local public schools. Incredibly, she’s mute on the subject.

Oh the irony.

The Resurgent reports, Can you imagine if a Republican in the South warned against forcing integration “down people’s throats”? That is exactly what New York City Public Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña did in an effort to move an Upper West Side public school to a new location next to a public housing project. The school is 75 percent white and Asian with only 13 percent of students on the free lunch program. That 13 percent number stands out because the school is in a neighborhood where 48 percent of residents are low income.

The public school is a high performing public school to which a lot of rich, elite Manhattanites send their kids instead of paying for private school. But the school is in a cramped building and the school system wants to move it to a larger building. That building would be by a housing project and, as a result, would compel some rezoning that would diversify the student population.

For those who have never heard of her, Samantha Bee is a smug liberal on TBS who denies there is a problem with smug liberals on television. She is also the woman who targeted a young man with brain cancer and claimed he had a Nazi-style haircut.

No matter what the reasons behind their opposition to further integration, consider how these same actions would be viewed if Bee was a conservative.

It’s highly unlikely there would be a whole lot of kind words being spoken about her, that’s for sure. Yet, strangely, since she’s a progressive, she can get away with such a stance — or her husband — without incurring the wrath of the mainstream media.

Must be nice to be one of the “cool kids” and get a free pass for glaring hypocrisy.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]

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