Coincidence? Liberals say celebrating “Cinco de Mayo” is racist, so Trump decides…

Did you know that dressing up on Cinco de Mayo, and even consuming alcohol on the day, is racist?

So ethnically important is the holiday that it’s barely even celebrated in Mexico, but one young activist took to Twitter (where she somehow has almost 100,000 followers) to let the world know it’s not okay to celebrate anyway (but only if you’re white).

Even worse would be a Donald Trump supporter doing as much – we also learned.

Just a random aside: how do you suppose the reaction would be if an Irish person made the exact same argument regarding St. Patrick’s Day, but that it was offensive for non-whites to use the holiday as an excuse to get drunk?

Anyway, this young activist will be pleased to know this year President Donald Trump will not be holding a Cinco de Mayo celebration, which other insufferable social justice warriors will probably deem racist too for not honoring the holiday (it’s a heads I win, tails you lose game they play, clearly).

According to The HillPresident Trump is doing away with the White House Cinco de Mayo celebration, a 16-year-old tradition, Spanish-language newspaper La Opinion reported Wednesday.

Instead of a White House celebration this year, one headlined by Vice President Pence will be held at a to-be-determined location and with a reduced guest list, the report said.

The White House did not respond to a request for comment and has not issued an official announcement of any planned events for the holiday. 

Both President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama used Cinco de Mayo to connect with the Hispanic community — inviting Cabinet members, Latino celebrities and Mexican Embassy officials to the White House — and to promote immigration reform.

As many of you may remember, last year, Trump commemorated Cinco de Mayo by posting the following on Twitter:

MSNBC, which mocked Trump’s tweet, didn’t do much better themselves two years prior.

Of course, the difference is that no conservatives were freaking out about how “racist” the above incident was. They just laughed at the stupidity and moved on.

[Note: This post was authored by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]

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