New motive emerging in University of Texas stabbing

It’s been discovered that the man responsible for yesterday’s stabbing spree at the University of Texas, Austin made a YouTube video five years ago glorifying a race war.

The perpetrator, Kendrex Jermaine White, uploaded a poorly made YouTube video (apparently for a history project) on the Haitian revolution.

More relevant to the stabbing itself however, it’s being reported White was targeting students wearing clothing representative of campus Greek life.

According to Inquisitr:

While police say that White’s motive is unknown, many are speculating whether this man, who is believed to have targeted fraternity and sorority members, was connected to an Antifa [for anti-fascist] organization that sent out recent threats to these same groups.

KXAN reports that Kendrex J. White attacked his victims with a “Bowie-style” hunting knife and that the victim who died was identified as 19-year-old Harrison Brown. All of the victims were students at UT Austin. According to the Tab, one is believed to be in the Lambda Chi fraternity. Even more intriguing, KXAN reports that an eyewitness claimed that Kendrex White attacked a sorority girl before stabbing his victims.

Although UT Austin police have claimed that they “do not have information about credible threats to specific groups of people,” it should be noted that fraternities were specifically targeted and threatened by Antifa vandals only a few weeks before Kendrex White’s stabbing rampage.

According to PJ Media, several frat houses at the University of Texas were spray painted with the words “rapist,” “racist,” and, most notably, “kill frat boys.”

The vandals, who also spray painted a hammer-and-sickle symbol on the frat houses, explained their intentions in a statement published on a radical leftist website: “Let us make it impossible for the administration and frats to simply wait out the occasional uproar, and let us constantly agitate against them and make their lives hell. Let us make racists, frat bros, and the administration afraid again — afraid of students, afraid of the marginalized and harassed, afraid of the exploited and excluded.”

Additionally, it’s documented White was mentally ill, and had been committed previously.

However, it should be noted that White’s personal Twitter account doesn’t give any indication of his political leanings. Instead, his most recent tweets included a number of Bible verses that are incredibly ironic to have been tweeted out in hindsight.


His twitter bio reads “I live life to the fullest, because this can all be gone tomorrow.”

[Note: This post was written by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]


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