What the New York Times just PRAISED leaves Americans absolutely speechless…

As the New York Times faces immense blowback from their liberal audience for publishing a column from Bret Stephens acknowledging the existence of climate change, but questioning whether or not the hysteria surrounding it is 100 percent accurate, they managed to publish a column a thousand times more controversial (and of course, now facing criticism from their conservative non-readers instead of their liberal audience).

If the Times audience is going to claim Stephens is ignorant when it comes to evidence, you’d think defending communism, which every shred of evidence has shown to be a failure, would illicit a negative reaction. Here was their latest doozy…

Presumably their communist history is the one thing that the far-left likes about Russia, given all the “Trump/Russia” conspiracies swirling.

In the piece, writer Vivian Gornick romanticizes the short-lived communist movement on America, while acknowledging only the crimes of Joseph Stalin. “I was 20 years old in April 1956 when Nikita Khrushchev addressed the 20th Congress of the Soviet Communist Party and revealed to the world the incalculable horror of Stalin’s rule. Night after night the people at my father’s kitchen table raged or wept or sat staring into space. I was beside myself with youthful rage. “Lies!” I screamed at them. “Lies and treachery and murder. And all in the name of socialism! In the name of socialism!” Confused and heartbroken, they pleaded with me to wait and see, this couldn’t be the whole truth, it simply couldn’t be. But it was,” she wrote.

She didn’t mention that the death toll under Stalin topped 20 million – and she missed a few. Mao Zedong’s failed collectivization of agriculture led to mass starvation killing 45 million (in addition to his other atrocities), two million were killed in Cambodia by the Khmer Rouge (25 percent of the entire population), two million in North Korea, 1.7 million in Africa, 1.5 million in Afghanistan, 1 million in the Eastern-bloc States, 1 million in Vietnam, and another 150,000 in Latin America (all statistics from the Black Book of Communism).

And another “interesting” trend – as communism fell globally, so did mass killings:

Given that Gornick acknowledges the crimes of Stalin, which resulted in a greater death toll than the Nazis, it’s a bit unclear why she should pen a piece discussing how “inspiring” communism was to Americans.

Presumably, leftists like Gornick think the worst thing that communism ever led to was McCarthyism.

Lenin didn’t call them “useful idiots” for nothing.

[Note: This post was authored by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]


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