University student takes a stand for free speech; did NOT see coming what happened next…

We live in the era of the left-wing snowflake, a demographic that typically consists of young, delicate college students who fall to pieces psychologically when confronted with folks who have different values and beliefs than their own.

These poor tortured souls are so easily traumatized they have to have special zones called “safe spaces” they can run to in order to “deal” with coming across another human being with an opposing worldview.

In these spaces these grown toddlers are provided snacks and puppy videos to ease their stress. You can’t make this stuff up.

It’s only getting worse too.

Apparently students from the University of Michigan have voted down a policy that defends free speech out of fear someone would be “offended.”

The College Fix is reporting, A resolution that called for a robust defense of free speech at the University of Michigan has been voted down by its student government.

Some students who voted against the measure cited concerns that, if approved, it’s essentially “legitimizing certain hate speech,” “delegitimizing minorities on campus” and “putting people at risk,” according to the minutes of the March 28 Central Student Government meeting.

The resolution was brought forth by student Deion Kathawa, the Michigan Review editor-in-chief and a College Fix contributor, who said he was motivated to lobby for his “Resolution That Commits Robustly Both This Body and the University as a Whole to Free Speech, or, the ‘Dangerous School’ Resolution” to bolster an institutional commitment to free speech.

It called on the student government to release a statement reaffirming its commitment to the First Amendment, to make it clear to the campus community that protests are allowed as long as they don’t deprive other students of their free speech rights, endorse the Chicago Principles of Free Expression, and support viewpoint diversity — particularly political diversity — in campus efforts to advance diversity in the curriculum and by other means.

Kathawa, writing on his resolution’s defeat in the Michigan Review, expressed disappointment at the results:

That there is not broad agreement that free speech ought to be a universally beloved value serves only to show how coarsened our shared political life has become, how politicized even our university—and universities across the country—has become. Free speech is not a partisan, Left-Right issue. It is, rather, the “great leveler”; it allows all persons, without regard for social identity—whether “oppressed” or “privileged”—to speak, persuade, and learn. It is because of free speech that our society may identify problems, discuss them candidly, come to a consensus about what to do, and then continue to survive. …

It’s not only that our political life has become coarsened, and universities politicized. Frankly that’s the least of our worries. It’s the fact that the left has become so fascistic it is attempting to completely shut down any opposing points of view — and by any means possible.

Just look what’s happened in the last few months. Violent protests erupted at UC Berkeley where Milo Yiannopoulos was supposed to speak. Ann Coulter had to cancel. Ben Shapiro regularly gets protesters at his speeches. Our own Allen West was nearly cancelled, but protesters nonetheless showed up at his speech.

Bill O’Reilly was drummed out of Fox News after he paid a settlement to women who accused him of sexual harassment. Another woman briefly went after Sean Hannity, but after he threatened to sue, she back-tracked. Next up is Jesse Watters, who’s on “vacation” after making a comment about Ivanka Trump that some interpreted as sexist.

Meanwhile, universities across the land set aside “safe spaces” where no dissenting speech is allowed.

Coincidence? Hardly. It’s a concerted effort on the part of the left to castigate all conservative opinion has “hate speech” and eliminate it from public discourse. These are scary times indeed.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]


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