Mexico ratchets up rhetoric on wall; vows “all out ASSAULT”

There’s no a hotter topic raging across the political landscape right now than that of the infamous wall President Trump promised to build during his campaign.

Trump has hit all kinds of resistance from the left on this issue, but probably none as hardcore as the kind he’s getting from Mexico and the country’s leadership.

It seems our neighbors south of the border are planning to wage an all out legal war on the construction of the wall, calling it a “hostile act.”

According to CNS News, Mexico’s foreign secretary is planning an all-out legal assault on any future construction of a border wall by the U.S., to include filing suits in U.S. and international courts over possible environmental, human rights and international treaty violations.

Foreign Secretary Luis Videgaray told congressional leaders here that Mexico will neither pay for nor cooperate with the wall proposed by the Trump administration, under any circumstances.

He called the wall proposal a “profoundly unfriendly” and “hostile” act.

“We won’t contribute in any manner, directly or indirectly or financially or in any other form to the continuation of a construction of a wall or any other type of physical barrier between our two countries,” Videgaray told members of the congressional foreign relations committee.

He said his office has assigned “significant human resources” to assemble a plan to fight the wall on every single possible violation of international treaties.

If the U.S., in the process of building a wall, violates any treaties including environmental treaties, Videgaray said Mexico would exercise it’s legal rights to the maximum, including filing suits in U.S. and international courts.

He cited specifically treaties pertaining to the Rio Grande and the Colorado River.

Videgaray listed potential rights violations the construction of a wall might entail, including private property, cultural, human, and anti-discrimination rights.

His remarks contained additional warnings about future bilateral relations.

So it’s now a “hostile act” to assert our national sovereignty and prevent drug cartels, violent criminals, and terrorists from coming into our country? Wow.

We are a nation of laws, and anyone who wants to live in a free nation chock full of opportunity like ours needs to respect those laws and come in through the front door.

Mexico is really putting a deep strain on the relationship they have with us, and given that a huge chunk of income they rely on comes from U.S. tourism, you’d think they’d be a bit more accommodating and supportive.

It’s almost as if they have something to gain from all the illegals crossing over into America. Hmmm.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]


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