US official reveals what Trump may REALLY do on Israel trip, and people are stunned

One of the promises Donald Trump made while running for president was to move the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

This move has huge and sweeping implications for our foreign policy, and for the recognition of the city as the Jewish country’s capital.

According to Jerusalem Online:

US President Donald Trump may announce the relocation of the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem during his upcoming visit to Israel, a Congressman said.

According to Ron DeSantis of Florida, Trump intends to announce the move during his short visit currently planned for May 22. The Arab League has recently called on world leaders, especially Trump, to refrain from relocating their embassies, a move that is considered to be an official recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Meanwhile, the Israeli Ministry of Housing is planning to build 25,000 new homes in Jerusalem, more than half of them beyond the Green Line. The construction is expected to cost 4 billion shekels.

Moving the embassy is a good move for two big reasons:

First, it’s the fulfillment of a promise the president made, which always goes a long way in winning folks’ approval and demonstrating he means what he says.

Second, it’s a way to honor Israel for their continued support of our nation’s efforts in the Middle East, as they are our only real, genuine trustworthy ally in that area of the world.

A case could be made for moving the embassy based on how badly it irks radical terrorists, too. Anything that makes them unhappy is an automatic win.

Some say such a move would utterly destroy any further attempts to make peace between Israel and Palestine, but the question that should be asked is whether or not such discussions truly existed to begin with.

After all, Palestinian terrorists — many of whom are backed by the government in some form — have launched all kinds of attacks on Israel and murdered countless innocent civilians.

The United Nations, who back in July of 1980 declared that Israel could not annex East Jerusalem, and declared doing so a violation of international law, has no business interfering in the affairs of the Jewish nation.

Israel is sovereign, a country all her own, and thus, only she should be calling the shots on her own territory.

Meanwhile, let’s hope Trump keeps his word on this and it gets done soon.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]


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