New York Times BUSTED for fake news AGAIN, this time over…

The New York Times isn’t exactly known for being a bastion of fair and balanced reporting on the top issues of the day, but what reporter Peter Baker tweeted out recently involving the president is the epitome of media bias.

Baker decided to rip a quote from Donald Trump out of context and send it out to the masses via Twitter, where it quickly went viral and became fodder for the leftist blogs foaming at the mouth for some new tidbit to rip him to shreds over.

Later, Baker clarified the comment that was made was “a joke” and that he should’ve clarified that earlier.

Gee. What a nice guy.

The Washington Free Beacon is reporting, The New York Times White House correspondent tweeted an out-of-context quote from President Donald Trump on Tuesday that made it appear the president had not read an executive order he was signing.

Peter Baker tweeted that Trump said during the signing of an executive order to create an agriculture task force, “There’s a lot of words. I won’t bother reading everything.”


Once the tweet hit the web it earned more than 5,000 retweets and tons of responses and reactions.

Baker later admitted to taking the quote out of context. Trump was actually cracking a joke about the lengthy title of the executive order, saying he wasn’t going to read the whole thing out loud.

The tweet was later deleted and an explanation given that clarified the mess.

This guy can claim all day long this was simply an oversight on his part, but it’s highly doubtful anyone with a functioning brain would buy such a story.

Baker’s original tweet was left up for many hours, which is what allowed it to spread far and wide. It seems evident there was an agenda to push, and he did exactly what any leftist would probably do given the opportunity.

This sort of junk is precisely why Trump won in the first place.

It seems the left still hasn’t gotten read the memo. Too many words, apparently.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell


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