Obama criticized this group while president, but LOOK what he’s doing now…

Well it seems we have not yet heard the last of former president, Barack Obama, much to the chagrin of every freedom-loving American across the country.

Yes, after a few months out of the limelight, it seems one of the worst presidents of all time is hankering for some attention, so he’s now giving interviews and is about to embark on a series of speaking engagements. Very lucrative speaking engagements. The kind that earn a man in one speech what he earned in a year as president.

According to TheBlaze:

It will take former President Barack Obama just one speech to earn in dollars what it took him one year to make as president.

According to a Fox Business report, Obama is slated to earn $400,000 for a single speech when he addresses a group of Wall Street bankers at a health care conference in September.

Obama will serve as the keynote speaker for a luncheon hosted by Cantor Fitzgerald LP, a mid-sized New York investment bank, sources told Fox Business. Obama’s team has not yet confirmed the speech, and Cantor’s people told Fox Business they are wrapping up the details before they announce, but Obama has signed the contract to speak.

It will be the first scheduled paid speech of Obama’s post-White House career.

Many believed Obama would hit the speaking circuit post-presidency, but it wasn’t known just how much he would command for speeches. If Fox Business’ report is correct, Obama stands to make about twice that of what former President Bill Clinton or Hillary Clinton typically make for a single speech.

The speech to Wall Street bankers also puts Obama at odds with political positions he took during his presidency. The former president routinely bashed Wall Street for its greed and lavish lifestyle while Americans suffered with high unemployment and economic uncertainty. Following the 2008 financial crisis, Obama pushed Wall Street reform and demanded accountability from the big banks, who he targeted as the cause of the “great recession.”

It’s likely that Obama will rake in hundreds of millions of dollars in his post-presidency speaking career, which makes one wonder if he’ll practice what he preaches and give all that money away to help his pet causes?

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]


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