LOOK what John Kasich just said about running for president…in 2020

Despite placing fourth in the Republican primary with a delegate count of 161 (compared to Donald Trump’s 1,441, and Ted Cruz’s 551), John Kasich is convinced that he might have a chance running in 2020.

On Monday the Ohio governor appeared in a CNN town-hall with Anderson Cooper, and while he said it’s “very unlikely that I will run for public office,” (meaning the presidency) he isn’t ruling anything out.

“You wouldn’t close the door on it?” Cooper asked.

“How do you close the door on anything?,” Kasich responded. “If I see something I need to do to help my country, that I really believe that I have to do, then I would think I would probably do it.”

With regard to Trump’s performance thus far, Kasich said he gave him an “incomplete,” noting that he hasn’t even been in office 100 days yet.

That’s a much more moderate stance than he also publicly took yesterday when he slammed the administration’s ICE raids in an interview with Business Insider as “un-American.”

It’s also a toned-down tune from the stance he takes in his new book, Two Paths: America Divided, released today. “I saw Trump’s reckless entreaties as a weakening of our shared American values — even more so, a coarsening of our shared American values,” he says of the president on page 293 of the book.

He also complained that “it troubled me that a strong plurality of Republican voters didn’t seem to care that the candidate they supported was…a man who would do or say anything to get attention, even incite a crowd to violence.”

He’s also probably troubled by the lack of success of his own campaign.

Perhaps foreshadowing how another presidential run would play out, the newly released book currently boasts a 1-star rating on Amazon.com.

[Note: This post was written by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]


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