Obama just dropped a TRUTH BOMB on liberals they will NOT want to hear

There’s no doubt liberals have been anxiously waiting for Barack Obama’s return to public life. Some believe the former president is the best spokesperson available to lead the Trump “resistance movement.” That’s why so many liberals were ecstatic when news broke earlier this week that Obama was ready to make his first public appearance since leaving office. They thought they were finally getting someone who could rally the troops.

However, liberals who thought Obama was going to be their savior may want to close their eyes and stop reading. Not only did Obama not go after President Trump, he decided to drop an inconvenient truth on those attending his first speech as a former president.

From The Hill:

Former President Obama lamented how “passion and sometimes misinformation” have distracted from solving the problem of immigration reform as he addressed college students during his first public appearance since leaving office.

It seemed as if Obama was winding up to take a shot at Trump, but instead he went after a favorite liberal narrative:

“It’s important for those who support, like I do, immigration reform and pathways to citizenship for those who are here not to assume everyone who has trouble with the current immigration system is automatically a racist,” he said during a roundtable Monday at the University of Chicago

Obama’s remarks highlight an obvious truth. Contrary to the current narrative, those that support enforcing immigration law are not doing so out of racism. In fact, it is that very accusation that makes it impossible to work with Democrats on real reform.

The remarks are unlikely to be warmly received by those fiercely resisting President Trump’s agenda. Liberals have been trying desperately to paint Trump and conservatives as racists, which at times seems to be the only argument they have.

Surprisingly, it’s Obama dishing out the common sense. Liberals won’t be happy about that.

[Note: This post was authored by Michael Lee. Follow him on Twitter @UAMichaelLee]

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