Bernie Sanders makes comment about Ann Coulter that has jaws DROPPING

The end is nigh.

No, this isn’t one of those crazy, tinfoil hat conspiracy pieces about the coming apocalypse, complete with ads begging you to buy freeze dried meatloaf or invest in gold.

Though there’s nothing wrong with that if that’s your cup of tea…er meatloaf.

The reason for the shocking opener here is due to a recent comment from Sen. Bernie Sanders that is so out of step with his character it shocks the system to read it.

Apparently Sanders defended controversial conservative firebrand Ann Coulter and her right to free speech.

A socialist defending personal liberty? It’s all over, folks.

The Daily Wire is reporting, Speaking about the current fallout following an invitation to conservative commentator and New York Times bestselling author Ann Coulter to speak at the University of California, Berkeley, Sanders said he was displeased with the college students’ reaction.

“I don’t like this. I don’t like it,” said Sanders.

“Obviously Ann Coulter’s outrageous ― to my mind, off the wall. But you know, people have a right to give their two cents-worth, give a speech, without fear of violence and intimidation,” the Vermont socialist added.

The 2016 presidential candidate shamed the millennials trying to shut up Coulter further, explaining that this was “a sign of intellectual weakness.”

“To me, it’s a sign of intellectual weakness,” he stated. “If you can’t ask Ann Coulter in a polite way questions which expose the weakness of her arguments, if all you can do is boo, or shut her down, or prevent her from coming, what does that tell the world?”

The senator continued: “What are you afraid of ― her ideas? Ask her the hard questions,” he said. “Confront her intellectually. Booing people down, or intimidating people, or shutting down events, I don’t think that that works in any way.”

This is honestly the smartest thing a leftist has said in the history of liberalism.

While there is much that’s beautiful about America and our way of life, perhaps the sweetest thing about this country is the fact that folks are free to think and believe what they want and share those ideas openly and freely.

Liberals have a hard time accepting that people hold different ideas, and what’s more, it seems they’re terrified of the possibility that when their ideology is scrutinized, it won’t stand, proving what they believe is a lie.

We should never be frightened to follow the facts and the truth wherever they lead.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]


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