Parents FURIOUS at school’s “bomb shelter” assignment: when you see it, you’ll know why

A high school in North Carolina is catching a whole lot of flak for a recent homework assignment that has parents hopping mad, and for good reason.

They claim the “bomb shelter activity” their kids were given in class inspires racism and could end up causing students to get into arguments or worse when the assignment is brought up for discussion.

Oh, and of course, there also seems to be a slightly veiled jab at President Trump here too.

Because public school.

TheBlaze is reporting, Students at Olympic High School received the “bomb shelter activity” assignment, which gave a doomsday scenario, WBTV-TV reported in Charlotte, North Carolina.

“The president of the United States issues a warning of a nuclear attack. The student has access to a bomb shelter and can bring four strangers,” the scenario in the assignment states. The assignment presented students with descriptions of five different types of individuals. The choices were:

> 40-year-old Black female doctor who is a lesbian

> 50-year-old White male who is a Catholic Priest

> 25-year-old Hispanic male who is a lawyer and is wheelchair bound

> 30-year-old Korean-American female who is a former college athlete

> 20-year-old White female who is pregnant, has a two year old son and is on welfare

One concerned parent posted an image of the assignment to Facebook, noting that his son had received it in his history class.

“It is Olympic HS. There is no quality. The place is a joke,” one Facebook user commented.

WBTV-TV asked several other parents with children who attend Olympic High School for their thoughts on the assignment.

“It promotes racism. 100 percent,” one mother said.

Another commented: “You have different classmates: black, white, whatever. If they’re having to do an assignment like that, I think they can cause arguments in class.”

Another parent brought up how the assignment feeds into the current political unrest and racial division that already runs rampant across the country.

It seems pretty clear by the fact there’s one male to choose from the bunch and then mostly minorities, that there’s some sort of agenda here, most likely focused on getting some poor kid to think he’s “racist” based on his selection of folks to save.

Schools used to exist for the purpose of educating children, but those days are long past. Now, the whole point of public education is to indoctrinate children with a secular humanist, progressive worldview geared toward making them feel guilty for just about anything and everything.

Col. West often says the most important elected position is school board. This little episode demonstrates exactly why.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]


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