WHOA: New York Times editor APOLOGIZES after…

And in other news, a unicorn was spotted in downtown Manhattan.

But seriously, this is one for the ages. A New York Times editor actually said “I’m an idiot” after posting a misleading tweet about Donald Trump after the New England Patriots visited the White House.

Here is the tweet in question.

The point of it was to demonstrate how unpopular President Trump is, and how many Patriots players skipped the traditional post-Super Bowl visit to the White House.

But the picture was completely misleading – and even the NFL clarified the truth.

Here’s a picture from the NFL that shows the true comparison.

But in an amazing bit of “mea culpa,” Jason Stallman, the New York Times Sports editor who posted the tweet declared himself “an idiot” for posting the false photo comparison.

“Bad Tweet by me. Terrible Tweet,” said Jason Stallman in a statement issued to Yahoo News’ Colin Campbell.

Now before we get all misty-eyed over the prospect of the New York Times finally cleaning up its act over “truthiness,” the casual observer (i.e me) would surmise Mr. Stallman got some heat from his pals at the NFL, who can ill afford any more bad press about unpatriotic, grandstanding players (looking at YOU Colin) who just might be contributing to falling television ratings – nor would Mr. Stallman want to find his access to players and coaches somewhat hampered.

But whatever the reason, it’s nice to see a little humble pie for once.

[This article was written by Michele Hickford, author of Do I Need To Slap You?]


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