MSNBC terrorism analyst encourages terrorism against Trump; INSTANTLY regrets it

Finding example after example of “fake news” isn’t hard. Many make it onto this and other web sites.  In the past week alone we’ve published columns about fake news claims relating to First Lady Melania Trump, the Associated Press changing critical information, and more. That’s just one week.

However writing inaccurate columns, invoking half-truths or other forms of shoddy journalism -despicable as it may be- does not rise to the level of treason. Such statements are distasteful but not treasonous.  Now however an MSNBC contributor may have crossed that line.

On Tuesday MSNBC terrorism analyst Malcolm Nance sent a tweet calling for ISIS to bomb a Trump-owned building in Turkey. Nance has since deleted the tweet but as so many have learned, the internet is forever. Once you hit ‘enter’ your thoughts and words belong to the universe.

The tweet in question was first reported on by the Washington Free Beacon. Nance’s statement read, “This is my nominee for first ISIS suicide bombing of a Trump property” the tweet featured a photo of Trump Towers Istanbul, a skyscraper in Turkey.


As you can see it immediately drew the attention of another tweeter who advised Nance that “people in the media” (code for “the right wing news”) might “misinterpret” Nance’s comments.  What’s to misinterpret here? Was Nance being vague?

While Nance did delete the tweet according to the Washington Times as of late Wednesday morning, a full day later, there was no apology from Nance.  The Times included in its report that the building Nance singled out isn’t even owned by Trump!  The president simply licensed his name to the building ownership. Clearly Nance just found a building with Trump’s name on it and that was good enough.  This is a ‘reporter’?

This isn’t a first go ’round for Nance. He dogged Trump all during the 2016 presidential campaign and consistently engages in offensive rhetoric.  As a part of MSNBC’s campaign coverage team, Nance once called Trump “the ISIS candidate” on national tv, “I will go so far as to say Donald Trump is the ISIS candidate. He inflames the passions of people in the West to perform Islamophobia, to draw recruits to them, to make them say, ‘This is what America is.’ ”

This week’s call for ISIS to bomb a civilian building in Turkey is extraordinary even for MSNBC.  According to Wikipedia Trump Towers Istanbul are “two conjoined towers. One an office tower the other a residential tower consisting of over 200 residences. The complex also holds a shopping mall and a multiplex cinema.

In other words it is a building filled day and night with people, innocent civilians. Who does Nance think is going to be hurt by an ISIS bombing of the twin towers, Donald Trump personally? From his residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, half a globe away in Washington D.C.?  No, were it to happen the carnage that would result – deaths, blood, severed limbs, children losing parents, etc. – would be wrought upon the people of Turkey doing nothing more than living their lives.

Nance is just another hate-filled liberal who so loathes Donald Trump that he’ll type or say anything. The only question remaining is will his employer, MSNBC, fire him for this crazy, irresponsible statement? Don’t hold your breath.

[Note: This article was written by Derrick Wilburn]


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