SHOCKING new privilege being advocated for Black people shows libs are the REAL racists

“Black People Time” appears in the Urban Dictionary as follows: “Also known as BPT, it’s a reference to the stereotype that People of African American decent have difficulty getting places on time. “I told Ray Ray to be here for five even though we don’t start ’til six cause he runs on black people time.”

Aside from the degrading butchery of grammatical structure — and use of “Ray Ray” — the entire concept of “BPT” is an insult on its face. Implying that any group of people struggle collectively with something as individualistic as timeliness is textbook prejudice. Claiming there is such a thing as “BPT” is taking a common physiological trait, in this case skin color, and using that trait as a method for pre-judging all who share it.

Clearly, Clemson hasn’t gotten that memo:

The Black Sphere is reporting on the latest bit of overt racism on our college campuses — teachers at Clemson being told not to hold minority students accountable for tardiness but rather that minorities’ culturally different “perception of time” must be tolerated:

“A new faculty training program on “diversity” declares that the expectation of punctuality is racist, and not necessarily a sign of disrespect or nonchalance.

In the training, a fictional scenario features “Alejandro” setting up a meeting between two groups of foreign professors and students. The first arrives 15 minutes early, while the second is 15 minutes late. The late arriving minority is not reprimanded for his blatant disrespect.

Instead, the new normal in wackademia is to be “inclusive” by understanding that time is a culturally fluid concept.”

In his speech to the NAACP, President George W. Bush rightly discussed “the soft bigotry of low expectations.” What was once well-intentioned thought expansion under the heading of ‘diversity training’ on college campuses then evolved into coddling, and now it’s just plain racism. The ones being harmed most? Black students who, instead of being prepared to adapt for life in the real world, are being taught that the world will adapt to them. Clemson, and inevitably the other schools who will also adopt this ridiculous and utterly degrading ‘black privilege’ rule, are preparing young blacks for failure not success.

Two settings:

#1 = Classroom

Class begins at 8:00am. White students are in the room, in their seats and prepared to begin at 7:59.  Black student(s) come meandering in at 8:16, miss whatever instruction was taking place the first 16 minutes of class. Professor says “Good morning, take a seat,” black student takes his or her seat, white students roll their eyes (wondering why they aren’t allowed to do that).

#2 = Job
Work day begins at 8:00am. White new hires daily show up promptly at 7:59, are at their work station — wherever that may be: morning briefing in the conference room, seated in their cubicle, punching the time clock, etc.). Black new hires come meandering in at 8:16. Black new hire gets called to H.R. Black new hire gets fired.

Stop handicapping people, liberals! Crutches do not help a man learn to run. Blacks once struggled for equality which was and is a good, righteous and correct struggle. A long the way folks somehow traded “equal” for “special.”  If one group is given rights and privileges others are not, then the groups are no longer equal…and, in the real world, there’s no such thing as “special,” there’s “equal” and “fired.”

[Note: This article was written by Derrick Wilburn]


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