Watch: Here’s the moment Sean Spicer got an AWKWARD visit during his press briefing

Patriots star tight end Rob Gronkowski is known for more than just his ability on the field. In fact, his antics off the field might get more attention. The star known as “Gronk” plays hard, but parties harder.

After the Patriots Super Bowl win, he could be seen chugging beers during the victory parade. After that, he stole Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s missing Super Bowl jersey during a ceremony at Fenway Park earlier this month. Wherever Gronk goes, headlines are sure to follow.

Of course, maybe you wouldn’t think anything could get out of hand at the White House. With security everywhere, what kind of trouble could Gronk possibly get himself into? The answer is plenty, as Press Secretary Sean Spicer found out.

From The Hill:

New England Patriots star Rob Gronkowski on Wednesday crashed White House press secretary Sean Spicer’s daily media briefing. 

The former All-Pro tight end, affectionately known as “Gronk,” popped his head through the door of the James S. Brady Press Briefing Room as Spicer answered reporters’ questions. 

“Sean, need some help?” the player asked. 

Spicer turned toward Gronkowki and reassured him he could handle the press.

“I think I’ve got this, but thank you,” the spokesman said.

The unexpected interruption earned laughs from the press corps. 


It was a light-hearted moment for Spicer, who happens to be a big Patriots fan:

“Alright, that was cool,” said Spicer, a diehard Patriots fan. 

The Patriots were on their White House visit following their recent Super Bowl victory, a custom going back many years. Although some players refused to participate in the visit, most of the team was in attendance.

For those who were there, Gronk provided his usual dose of fun and humor. No matter where he is, Gronk is always up to something…. even at the White House.

[Note: This post was authored by Michael Lee. Follow him on Twitter @UAMichaelLee]

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