I truly CANNOT believe what liberals are saying about Hillary NOW…

If there’s one (just one?) thing disturbing about progressive socialists it’s their utter hypocrisy. Take for instance the whole episode transpiring in Arkansas where everyone is blocking the executions of eight convicted death row murderers and rapists. What is very interesting, is there were no “feminist” rallies and even Johnny Depp showed up in support of not executing these eight monsters.

Ever seen liberal progressives show up in support of rape and murder victims, ya know, not those who fit their political agenda? Yeah, those mean little innocent unborn babies deserve to be carved up in the mother’s womb…but let’s spare brutal killers and rapists. Kinda like the liberal progressive mantra of referring to conservative speakers as fascists, yet they viciously attack conservative speakers and shut down their First Amendment right, or assail American citizens holding non-progressive socialist rallies. And the left always calls for non-violence? Yes, I suppose free speech means speech they accept. Hmm, have you heard any Democrats railing about the masked terrorists conducting this violence?

Well, I came across a really disconcerting article that once again evidences the hypocrisy of the progressive socialist left.

As written in the NYMag.com Daily Intelligencer by one Andrew Sullivan, titled “Why Do Democrats Feel sorry for Hillary Clinton,” take a gander at this:

“I’ve done what I could in this space to avoid the subject of Hillary Clinton. I don’t want to be the perennial turd in the punchbowl. I’d hoped we’d finally seen the last of that name in public life — it’s been a long quarter of a century — and that we could all move on. Alas, no. Her daughter (angels and ministers of grace defend us) seems to be positioning herself for a political career. And Clinton herself duly emerged last week for a fawning, rapturous reception at the Women in the World conference in New York City.

It simply amazes me the hold this family still has on the Democratic Party — and on liberals in general. The most popular question that came from interviewer Nick Kristof’s social-media outreach, for example, was: “Are you doing okay?”

Here’s Michelle Goldberg: “I find myself wondering at odd times of the day and night: How is Hillary? Is she going to be all right?” Seriously, can you imagine anyone wondering the same after Walter Mondale or Michael Dukakis or John Kerry blew elections? And everywhere you see not an excoriation of one of the worst campaigns in recent history, leading to the Trump nightmare, but an attempt to blame anyone or anything but Clinton herself for the epic fail. It wasn’t Clinton’s fault, we’re told. It never is. It was the voters’ — those ungrateful, deplorable know-nothings! Their sexism defeated her (despite a majority of white women voting for Trump). A wave of misogyny defeated her (ditto). James Comey is to blame. Bernie Sanders’s campaign — because it highlighted her enmeshment with Wall Street, her brain-dead interventionism and her rapacious money-grubbing since she left the State Department — was the problem. Millennial feminists were guilty as well, for not seeing what an amazing crusader for their cause this candidate was. And this, of course, is how Clinton sees it as well: She wasn’t responsible for her own campaign — her staffers were.”

I must agree with Mr. Sullivan. Why does the Democrat Party feel sorry for Hillary Clinton? It’s simple: this is a Party that has discarded any semblance of moral standards whatsoever.

Consider this simple comparison of a U.S. Navy Petty Officer who admitted to taking six pictures in a classified portion of a submarine now sitting in prison. Yet the former senator and secretary of state who had an unauthorized computer server in her private residence that was transmitting classified information parades around freely, even releasing another book — yawn!

I know, that whole Benghazi thing was just a ruse, nothing to see here. It’s just that Americans were abandoned to die, and four actually did, one being a U.S. Ambassador — not a routine occurrence — but you can lie about this, and still be treated like royalty by the Democrats, as Hillary Clinton is.

And y’all know very well, if this had been a Republican, they would indeed be sitting somewhere in a prison. The liberal progressive media would have made that certain. Instead, Hillary Clinton can traipse around impervious to any complicity in anything, and her abhorrent behavior is excused. And therein lies the hypocrisy. The left tries to hold everyone to some higher standard, such as the constant demand to “recuse” oneself…now they’re aiming at Justice Neil Gorsuch, yet they NEVER hold themselves accountable for any shameful behavior. Doggone, it is as if they play this insidious game of daring the GOP to say something.

So here we have these chucklehead progressive socialists ranting about President Donald Trump’s tax returns, but they’re still clapping and crying over someone who ran a grand pay-to-play scheme, with her former president husband. We have the left going abjectly apoplectic about Trump’s ties to Russia, but mum is the word over Hillary Clinton’s Russian uranium deal. And these folks feel sorry for Hillary Clinton? She’s laughing at y’all because once again, they got away with it, and the next generation of a corrupt Clinton is waiting in the wings…Chelsea. Like they say down South, “the apple don’t fall far from the tree.”

But what really got me about Mr. Sullivan’s article was not that he was angry about the illicit and corrupt behavior of Hillary Clinton…well, he stated the nexus of his angst clearly. “And so I find myself wondering at odd times of the day and night: Why is Trump in the White House? And then I remember. Hillary Clinton put him there.”

Mr. Sullivan is angry with Hillary Clinton because she lost to Donald Trump. He goes on and spends a great deal of his piece presenting his “case” against Trump, in what can only be described as TDR (Trump Derangement Syndrome), a very prevalent disease affecting the weak of mind.

Nowhere does Mr. Sullivan display any anger about a Hillary Clinton who should, by any legal standard, be under criminal charges. And please, spare me. Name any Soldier, Sailor, Airman, Marine, Coast Guardsman, or anyone, who could have been so careless and dismissive of handling classified information, and still be out making public appearances and readying for a book tour?

I’m angry we have a GOP that just seems to allow the left to get away with it all the time, because, ya know, we don’t want to further divide our country. Are you kidding me? What did they try to do to Marine Corps Major Jason Brezler, who just wanted to save his fellow Marines, over sending classified information using a nonsecure means?

Just imagine what the left would do if I were sitting here in my house with a non-approved private email server transmitting classified information. Yep, they’d be bringing out the gallows, but for the left, there is no rule of law or standard of decency that applies to them. And that just emboldens them to continue with their hypocrisy…tax returns for Trump, sealed college records for Obama…or Clinton Foundation.

Heck, there’s even talk about Hillary Clinton running for mayor of New York City. In any other universe Hillary Clinton would be a pariah, someone so scorned and recognized as the pathological liar she is. But it appears that in the den of liars and hypocrites becoming today’s Democrat Party, she is truly the Queen of Hearts.

And the Democrat Party is turning into the party of Mad Hatters…

[Want to read more? Check out Col. West’s book Guardian of the Republic: An American Ronin’s Journey to Faith, Family and Freedom]

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