Christians OUTRAGED over what these liberals are doing with the Bible…

There are few more vocal defenders of religious tolerance in America than the liberal left – so long as the religion in question is not Christianity. Liberals will shout, protest, assault and do just about anything to silence any voice of criticism toward a religion they themselves do not practice like, oh, Islam.  But place a Bible into a toilet in the name of “art”, put on a gay parade on Easter Sunday featuring a “hunky Jesus” contest (gay men scantily clad performing lewd dances and gestures) and hey, its all about freedom of expression, man.

We now have the latest chapter in the continuing saga of the moral decline of America, the left proudly trampling on our Judeo-Christian heritage and displaying how truly intolerant they really are.

The New York Times is reporting on Atlanta’s Out Front Theater Company’s opening of “The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told.”  What is The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told? Well if blasphemy is your thing, prepare to be delighted, if not continue reading at your own risk because those who hold the Bible sacred are sure to take strong offense:

“What if it really was Adam and Steve? That’s what the Out Front Theater Company in Atlanta, which stages shows created only by people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or questioning, will set out to answer for audiences during a three-week run of “The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told,” starting April 27.

However, its decision to do so has provoked a torrent of criticism over the play, which has been called “blasphemous.”

The work is an alternate version and comedic sendup of stories from the Old Testament, presented through the eyes of a gay couple named Adam and Steve and a lesbian couple named Jane and Mabel. It was written by Paul Rudnick and premiered Off Broadway in 1998. The New York Times called it, a “seriously silly theology treatise of a play.”

The Out Front Theater decided it would do its own rendition of it about a year ago. However, on March 27, emails, phone calls, letters and Facebook messages blasting the decision started pouring in.

“We had already been in rehearsals for several weeks and had auditions before that,” Paul Conroy, the theater’s artistic director, said. “I guess that’s just when someone found us and my best guess was that it was a Monday, which means that people were at church on Sunday the day before, and that’s when it picked up steam.”

The NY Times column proceeds to basically dismiss the critics of the play as being just a bunch of upset holy rollers:

“The main driver of the protest seems to be a conservative Catholic group called America Needs Fatima, which circulated an online petition that has garnered more than 40,000 signatures. The group has protested earlier productions of “The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told,” along with other works it found objectionable, such as 2006’s movie adaptation of “The Da Vinci Code.”

This petition reads: “I vehemently protest your showing the blasphemous play ‘The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told,’ which, among other blasphemies, refers to the Virgin Mary as a lesbian. Please cancel your showing of it.” It also refers to the play as showing a “homosexual version of the Old Testament.”

Gay versions of sacred Bible stories. The liberal elitists who believe Christian America to be a bunch of rednecks clinging to our guns, Bibles and antipathy toward others just don’t get it. Even after election shellacking after shellacking, they still don’t get it. Even when looking directly at an election map with its ocean of red they continue to insult, mock, berate and degrade Americans by the millions. If they keep on with trash like this, they’ll drive even more of us away.

So strong is their commitment to the destruction of traditional values that they’ll hand all three branches of government over to those they despise in order to keep telling them how much they despise them. Nice work, libs.

[Note: This article was written by Derrick Wilburn]


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