Just in: Beck FIRES back at Tomi

The Glenn Beck/Tomi Lahren drama continues.

For anyone out of the loop, Tomi Lahren appeared on “The View” last month, and drew criticism from plenty of conservatives after describing herself as pro-choice. Most weren’t quite as outraged by the position, but the apparent contradiction to the anti-abortion stance Tomi had taken on her show in the past. We reached out to Tomi for comment and clarification, and she clarified that she’s morally opposed to abortion, but doesn’t want the government to play a role in the issue. Fair enough.

Despite the point she clearly was trying to make, Beck attacked Tomi on Twitter, then suspended and fired her from TheBlaze. Perhaps he wanted her career to be as short-lived as his was on Fox News. She’s also permanently banned from their premises, as if she would ever want to go back in the first place.

Not long-after, on April 7th Lahren filed a lawsuit against TheBlaze, alleging that her comments became part of a “public smear campaign” orchestrated to “inflate Beck’s profile from what has become a mediocre following, all at Lahren’s expense.” The suit also alleges that Lahren was terminated over nothing more than her comment on The View detailing a stance that Beck already knew she held.

The suit also disputes The Blaze’s claims that the “Tomi Lahren” Facebook page (which boasts over 4 million followers) is their property. She’s been locked out of the account, which The Blaze presumably plans on merging with one of their own (such as TheBlaze’s official Facebook page, or Beck’s own personal page) to boost their follower count.

And of course, now it’s TheBlaze striking back.

According to the Daily CallerGlenn Beck and The Blaze are countersuing Tomi Lahren, according to court documents filed on Monday and obtained by legal website LawNewz.com.

The countersuit, which claims that The Blaze is still paying Lahren, asks the court to prohibit Lahren from “making any public appearances without TheBlaze’s prior approval,” from publicly commenting about The Blaze and from “disparaging, criticizing, ridiculing, or making any negative comments about TheBlaze, Beck, or any of its or his employees or family members, or anyone else known by Lahren to be a friend or other associate of Beck.”

Lahren previously sued Beck and The Blaze for wrongful termination, a charge the countersuit rejects.

Beck did not immediately return a request for comment.

The suit also alleged that Lahren was inappropriate in her treatment of her floor crew, and that she “turned down a number of advertisers on TheBlaze for unexplained reasons, limiting any chance for TheBlaze to recoup its investment into her and her show.” The suit also alleges that Lahren, who had the most popular show on the network, and who constantly rails against “snowflakes,” offended TheBlaze’s audience. Yes – hurt feelings were cited as one of the justifications for the countersuit.

TheBlaze also complained that she, who was fired from the network, made an “unauthorized appearance” on Nightline to tell her side of the story. How dare she.

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P.S. Anyone interested in reading the countersuit themselves can do so below:

Glenn Beck Countersues Tomi Lahren by LawNewz on Scribd

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