Here’s ANOTHER Trump supporter the media WILL never admit…

Leftists have spent what seems like millions of man hours crafting a narrative that makes all Donald Trump supporters out to be crusty old white racists who hate immigrants.

This, of course, couldn’t be farther from the truth. The president actually has a rather diverse group of “fans” — hate to use that term, but for the sake of quality prose, let’s avoid repetition of terms, shall we? — that come from all walks of life.

Unfortunately, since these folks don’t fit the left’s narrative, you never see them on news reports or shared on liberal social media.

Here’s a prime example of the awesome diversity — something we hear a lot about from progressives, but we never actually see it — that represents those who truly believe in Trump’s message of making America great again.

Are this man and the young lady with him not a breath of fresh air? Especially when compared to the crybaby snowflakes we usually see plastered all over the news and Internet looking for their fifteen minutes of fame?

The truth of the matter is, Trump didn’t win the presidency because of racism. He won because the average American has largely been ignored over the last eight years as liberals moved forward with their agenda instead of helping citizens become prosperous once again.

Leftists like Obama only care about increasing the size of the government, of putting power in the hands of so-called “elites,” as a means of attempting to build a utopian society run by the supposed “best and brightest.”

This, of course, is a pipe dream, but to progressives, it’s all that matters. People have suffered greatly in the Obama era, and now, they’re ready for a change.

Trump represents that to a lot of people, hence his appeal.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]

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