Liberals OUTRAGED white woman cast as “The Mummy” in new film, but there’s ONE problem…

Liberals, particularly those who are super active on social media, seem to be perpetually offended, and when they aren’t, they’re on the prowl for something to ruffle their feathers.

A good example of this comes from a group of clueless lefties who were ticked off by the fact a new film remake of “The Mummy” starring Tom Cruise has a white woman to playing the main villain rather than someone who is black, since the character is Egyptian.

Twitter exploded with hashtags and venomous tweets from progressive crusaders going off about this heinous example of “white washing.”

There’s just one problem. The actress is Algerian. You know, that country in Africa.

TheBlaze is reporting, As if liberals don’t harbor enough outrage to keep them plenty busy these days, some are letting loose on the upcoming Tom Cruise movie “The Mummy,” hollering that the film’s creators had the nerve to cast a “white woman” as the Egyptian antagonist back from the dead.



But there’s a bit of a problem with all the hubbub…


Yup, the actress who plays the mummy — Sofia Boutella — hails from Algeria, a north African nation that’s 99 percent Arab and Muslim.


Talk about sticking your foot in your mouth.

This is why it pays to check your facts before tweeting, otherwise you could end up making yourself look like a dunce, like these fine individuals did.

It’s likely these tweets were deleted once the discovery was made, but the damage was done. The fake outrage machine was exposed for what it really is.

A scam to make bored college students feel relevant and important.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]


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