What I experienced today at the gun range has me DOG-FIGHTING mad!

Happy Easter everyone, and Happy Resurrection Day to those who truly understand what tomorrow represents — redemption for us all through Jesus Christ’s saving grace and sacrifice.

And so how did I seek to spend this Saturday prior to Resurrection Day? Like any good American, at the shooting range. So I hopped in the vehicle and headed over to Ft. Worth’s Defender Outdoors to fire my Smith and Wesson MP .40cal and my new F1 .223 carbine pistol. I was joined by some dear friends: former Army Paratroopers, oh-58D Kiowa Warrior combat pilots, and the family of one of those pilots, Will Williamson and his wife, Jennifer, who was an 82d Airborne JAG officer. Just gotta tell ya — I absolutely love this F1 .223, and after shooting I decided to do some enhancements.

I wanted to add on a vertical front barrel grip and a single point sling. No problem on the sling, but to my chagrin, I learned about a REALLY stupid – no — stuck on stupid government rule. Ya see, if I had gone forward and added the vertical front barrel grip, my .223 carbine pistol would then be classified as an SBR (Short Barrel Rifle). Now get this, I would offer that this firearm’s maximum effective range is 50 yards, not meters mind you. It may have a further range, but chances are you will not effectively engage your target. The reason being is that the F1 .223 is a carbine pistol, it does not have a long barrel, and therefore it’s not a rifle. So what government idiot came up with the idea that adding a grip somehow changes the effectiveness of the weapon…oh yeah, if you put on a traditional stock that will also make it an SBR.

The Second Amendment is very clear…”shall not be infringed”. So here is what I would have had to do, because if I’d placed the vertical front barrel grip on my F1 it would then be illegal. Now, ain’t that damn funny, illegals can come all up into our Republic and find sanctuary in many locales. But if I put a vertical grip onto my firearm, which I as a law-abiding American legally purchased, some fool has decided it is illegal. Someone explain to me the sense in that? Doggone chuckleheads.

The gunsmith at Defender Outdoors explained to me that the simple $19.99 vertical barrel grip would necessitate my going to the ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms) website to download a “tax stamp” form. I would be required to fill out this form, and get this, submit a payment of $200, to have the application for the $19.99 vertical barrel grip emplaced. And to add insult to injury, the current wait time for a tax stamp is 10 months, so the firearm that I lawfully and legally purchased would be illegal for 10 months. So, what does that mean? Someone is going to deport my F1 .223 carbine pistol? Sadly, Defender Outdoors would find themselves in trouble if they allowed me to show up and fire my firearm without my having the “tax stamp.”

You can see here that my decision was to have the horizontal front barrel grip added to my F1 .223 carbine pistol. Yes, I thought the same thing, how stupid? There’s no change in the range effectiveness of the weapon.


At the end of this month we have the NRA Annual meeting in my hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. And it was announced this week that President Donald Trump will address the crowd. As an NRA BOD member here are the two critical issues that President Trump need address: national reciprocity for law-abiding legal gun owners and ending these insidious rules such as this one on cosmetic additions to a firearm. I also want to hear President Trump say the simple words that the Second Amendment is an individual right, and no state or city has the right to infringe upon that which is enshrined in our Constitution. I now have a focus as an NRA BOD member, and look forward to the day when the announcement is made that this stupidity has ended.

It is beyond unconscionable that some freaking government bureaucrat came up with this rule. Obviously it was done by someone who does not comprehend physics or ballistics. It was done by someone seeking any means necessary to undermine and erode our Second Amendment right. Adding a vertical front barrel grip, or a butt stock, has nothing to do with changing a carbine pistol into a “short barrel rifle,” Now, I would love to be able to reach out to 300 yards and drop a bad guy with my F1, but that is not its capability, but do not come within 25 to 50 yards or I will hurt ya. And if I do need to reach out and touch ya at long range, well, that’s what my Spike Tactical AR-15 Crusader is all about…yes, Crusader.

Molon Labe!

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