Top 4 CRAZIEST liberal complaints about Trump bombing ISIS…

Last night President Donald Trump began to follow through on his campaign promise to “bomb the s*** out of ISIS” dropping a MOAB (nicknamed the “Mother of All Bombs”) in Afghanistan, targeting ISIS tunnels the terror group had been using to attack government forces.

The strike is believed to have killed 36 ISIS fighters – though some estimates are in the hundreds. The 21,000 pound bomb didn’t result in a single civilian casualty.

So all is good, right? We killed upwards of a hundred or so ISIS fighters, and stunted them tactically.

That would be how a normal person would react to the attack. For those who would dispute that 2+2=4 if Donald Trump were the one to say so, attacking ISIS was somehow the wrong thing to do here.

Let’s take a look at the insanity, shall we?

Bribes Not Bombs

The alleged comedian Dean Obeidallah (we say alleged because no evidence has yet been uncovered of him saying anything funny) had a brilliant idea: since bombs are so expensive, why not just pay ISIS members to quit? What could possibly go wrong?

Obeidallah later attacked conservatives who didn’t understand that his comment was a “joke,” which isn’t hard to see why given that it’s not even remotely funny.

And even if it were a serious suggestion, that’s barely $6,000 per virgin these terrorists expect in paradise. Bad deal.

Patriarchy Problems

Social Justice writer Eric Stoller found the real problem with the MOAB – it’s “lethal patriarchy.”


Well genius, MOAB actually stands for “Massive Ordnance Air Blast.” Regardless, this is one of those damned if you do, damned if you don’t situations. The outrage police would find a way to complain about how the bomb is sexist if it had a masculine, and thus “exclusive,” name.

Killing Terrorists Makes More Terrorists

Did you know that two minus two equals four? Welcome to the optional reality of Women’s March leader and Sharia Law enthusiast Linda Sarsour.


It is an interesting theory however, that nothing creates terrorists like killing them. The impressive performance of mental gymnastics on display here deserves a gold medal.

The Marginalized Have Been Harmed

Did you know that terrorists are “marginalized” individuals in need of our compassion? They’re not white men after all, so they must be oppressed!

Such logic could be seen from the Twitter account of the “March for Science,” which has more to do with far-left activism than actual science.

ISIS Digs Being Bombed

Last year there was a fake quote going around the internet attributed to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, alleging he said about ISIS that “if you kill your enemies, they win.” For Huffington Post contributor Wajahat Ali, that actually makes sense.

The “risk of having a 21,000 pound bomb dropped on you” should be a real selling point for future recruits!

In conclusion, here’s the full list of people who should actually be upset over last night’s attack:

Well put.

[Note: This post was authored by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]


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