Identity of man who sent racist, pro-Trump threats revealed; liberals SILENT

What do most racially-motivated hate crimes, that have occurred since the election of Donald Trump, have in common? They’re fakes.

An overly-willing media that wants their own headlines of “Election of Trump Emboldens Racists” to be true runs with these stories before any vetting or investigation has been done. Thus the narrative gets put into the public arena. Then weeks, sometimes months later when the truth about these fakes –that the crime was committed by a left-wing liberal pretending to be a right-wing conservative– finally surfaces, retractions or corrections to the original story are relegated to page 13. Beneath the fold.

Here’s a partial list of case-in-points complied by DailyWire:

> The Muslim woman robbed of her hijab in Louisiana? Never happened.

> The black woman racially-harassed at a Philadelphia gas station? Never happened.
> The Asian student racially-taunted in Minnesota? Never happened.
> The bisexual student receiving hate-notes in Chicago? Never happened.
> The black church burned to the grown and defaced with “Vote Trump!” Committed by a black man.
> Asian store firebombed by a white Trump supporter? Committed by a black man.
> Michigan student told to remove her hijab or be lit on fire? Never happened.
> Racist note left for Hispanic students in North Carolina? Written by a Trump-hating Hispanic.

Now the latest, Justin Lamar Coleman.

Coleman is a black man who has been sending hateful, racist letters to other black folks around Knoxville, Tennessee. The same Daily Wire article explains that “One of six threatening letters sent to black residents in Knoxville, Tennessee, including a well-regarded pastor, read: “I am a very racist white man and with Mr. Trump in the White House being the President, white people going to take over the world.”

Another letter read, “I wrote this letter (racial slur) … I hate (expletive, racial slur). I’m coming to your house to rape you. I’m going to get a chainsaw and cut your legs off and then cut your head off, black nasty (slur).”

In Coleman we clearly are not dealing with the sharpest knife in the drawer.  I am a very racist white man?  Who in the world says such a thing about themselves let alone commits it to ink and paper…and then puts that piece of paper in the mail?  Generally speaking people don’t go around saying “I am a racist,” “I am a homophobe,” “I hate all short people” unless they’re practicing a role in a play.

In addition to claiming to be a white, racist Trump supporter, Coleman’s alter-ego  also claimed to be a member of the KKK.

Is there any more irrelevant, nearly-nonexistent, everyday-beat-up-upon-although-no-one-knows, has-seen, heard-nor-can-identify group of people than the KKK?

Sure KKK members were once prevalent in U.S. society, particularly in the south. In 1949. But where are they today? When’s the last time a true and credible news story ran about actual KKK activity?  Yet every minute of every day images of white-sheet wearing, horseback riding Klansman appear in discussions, in memes and pictures on social media. And those images, just like these made-up hate crimes, appear on and are shared exclusively by one side of the political isle. Liberals. Who want more than anything to keep the hate alive.

In fact, they want the hate so much, they’ll commit it themselves.

[Note: This article was written by Derrick Wilburn]

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