Whoa: State introduces common sense gun legislation that has liberals FUMING

Any time there’s a mass shooting incident in the United States, you can count on liberals for a predictable reaction. Before police are even able to investigate the scene, some pundit or politician is on TV is telling us it’s time to pass new gun restrictions.

Despite the fact that their proposed solutions wouldn’t do anything to stop gun violence, liberals often label their attacks on the Second Amendment as “common sense.” Of course, if it was common sense we wouldn’t have to have a debate about it. Nevertheless, liberals never miss an opportunity to turn a tragedy into a political talking point.

In the state of North Carolina, lawmakers heard the cries for common sense gun legislation. However, their version of common sense has liberals fuming.

From Bearing Arms:

A new piece of legislation introduced in North Carolina aims to give high school students a little extra learning: firearms education.

House Bill 612, filed this week by Representative Jay Adams, would give the state room to develop a firearms education course and allow the class, which would include “firearms safety education as recommend by law enforcement agencies or a firearms association”, to be offered as an elective to high school students.

Of course, the bill is making sure safety in the classroom is still a top priority:

The course, which would be developed by the North Carolina Board of Education, would not allow live ammunition in the classroom and would also cover the history and mechanics of firearms with a firm emphasis on the importance of gun safety.

Teaching kids firearm safety at a young age is a worthy cause. All too often, accidents happen because kids and teens have not been taught how to properly handle a gun. This bill would allow those students interested in firearms to get valuable training on how to handle them, potentially reducing fatal accidents.

However, not everyone is enthusiastic about the legislation:

“I don’t even see the point in that,” Jenny Rorie said. “I don’t think they should, there’s enough violence going on without them doing that.”

“I think high school is a little early,” Wilkerson said. “I think some of those kids are not ready for that type of environment, to be exposed to something like that. I don’t feel like they’re mature enough.”

Most responsible gun owners teach their children about gun safety well before their children reach high school. In fact, teaching kids early about safely handling firearms is a great way to prevent violence, not cause it.

Predictably, liberals “don’t see the point” of teaching firearm safety. To them, guns are the actual cause of violence, not the person using them. Of course, common sense would tell you that’s not the case. Sadly for liberals, they don’t possess much of it.

[Note: This post was authored by Michael Lee. Follow him on Twitter @UAMichaelLee]

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