UNREAL: Look what this Star Trek actor blames TRUMP for now…

“Space.  The final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise.”

Anyone over about 40 years of age can readily identify those words narrated by William Shatner.  They can also readily identify the cast/crew members of the Enterprise – Captain Kirk, First Officer Spock, Chief Engineer Scott, Doctor McCoy, Communications Officer Uhura, Navigator Chekov and Helmsman Sulu.

Ah, Sulu.

The role was originally played, back in the good ‘ole days when no one knew about actors’ political leanings, by George Takei. Takei of course has turned out to be an outspoken, hard-left liberal gay activist. His replacement for the role of Sulu in the most recent revisions of Star Trek motion pictures is John Cho who has (surprise, surprise) turned out to be a big Hollywood liberal too.

After video of a passenger being roughed up and dragged off a United Airlines flight caught viral fire this week, Cho decided to take to Twitter and lay the blame for the atrocious incident where it truly belongs — right at the feet of, you guessed it, Donald Trump.

The Washington Times picked up on the bizarre tweet:

“Hollywood actor John Cho says the forced removal of a United Airlines passenger that captured national headlines is the fault of President Trump.

“Sulu” from “Star Trek Beyond” told fans on Monday that United Flight 3411’s bloody ordeal for one passenger could be traced to the 45th U.S. commander in chief. Chicago Department of Aviation police removed a doctor who was picked randomly when seats were needed for additional flight crew headed to Louisville, Kentucky.

…“It’s hard not to see a connection between the environment Trump has created and what happened on that @united flight,” Mr. Cho wrote.”

The environment Trump has created?!! That statement alone spotlights the true thickness of the bubble these people live in. Pictures and videos surface almost daily of Trump protesters, not Trump nor Trump supporters, burning, looting, assaulting, cursing like drunken sailors, defacing public and private property, burning and walking on the flag of the United States and engaging in the most vile forms of anarchist behavior. Not Trump, Mr. Cho, people on your side of the political debate.

Cho’s tweet has been met with a bevy of responses ranging from disbelief to agreement to various stages of “Say whaaa?”  One tweeter summed things up by calling attention to the fact it was the Chicago Police Department (and we all know who runs that town) not employees of United who dragged the man off the jet:

With each passing week it’s becoming more and more obvious that the true final frontier just might be the “space” in between these Hollywood limousine liberals’ ears. A vast, cold, dark and empty void where no man has gone before.

[Note: This article was written by Derrick Wilburn]


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